Give some advice to make money online noviceShe is a single mother from abroad to illicitly created



but the monotony of life soon ended, in 1987, Zhang Lan and her husband divorced, with 6 year old son live alone, but a woman with children, wages are not high, the hardships of life can be imagined.

single mother, by carrying pork earn $20 thousand, up green home business, 10 years after earning 60 million over its listed South Beauty, after the fruit had to leave…… these are Zhang Lan’s label.


Zhang Lan, was born in 1958 in Tianjin of an ordinary family, grew up with their parents in the Hubei countryside, then back to Beijing, as an accountant in a vegetable company in Beijing near Sanlitun, then married, lived a comfortable life is monotonous.

foundation of good people, can do more advanced, such as sales. The higher the monthly income of 10000 people knife a few. As can reach this state mainly depends on

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diners have eaten hot peppers to recycle and stir fry:

recently, a beauty shop Houchu insider exposure Changsha video on the network crazy pass, watching the people really could not eat for three days


the most disgusting thing is to use a wok to mop

worked alone in Canada,

Zhang Lan and South Beauty is always topic ridden, but from the perspective of an ordinary person, a woman start empty-handed, rely on our own efforts, the accumulation of a 10 Fen, endured the pain of lost loved ones, from a small restaurant to twenty provinces and cities nationwide 70 Zhiyingdian catering enterprises, even there are a lot of people regret, Zhang Lan struggles still worthy of respect.

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second monthsAs for the

more than the idea that this video is Zhang Lan, founder of South Beauty’s son Wang Xiaofei suddenly issued a document, said South Beauty acquired by CVC insider said, mother Zhang Lan has been forced under house arrest CVC

Zhang Lan’s son, Wang Xiaofei, later recalled: >


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said that the South Beauty will be here today, is entirely because of capital and marriage, like Zhang Lan had to be refused to invest to keep beauty. But more is due to Zhang Lan’s personal mistakes in business and management, and the introduction of capital is just a sign of these mistakes. No matter whether the market, can not escape the fate of the decline of South beauty.


first thing to say is that he believes, many problems can be solve themselves. Don’t underestimate yourself. Don’t have a problem to ask others, as long as you use the brain to think, on the Internet. Many problems will be solved. There are many novice to belt, yes, someone is a good thing, but you have to find the right person, generally slightly higher level than their own people. But if you’re willing to find a Wangzhuan master with a novice asked three. This may not think of

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key is to rely on their own. The forum is a good place to learn, and search engine, what do you want to search, usually can be found, along with the deepening of your network knowledge, very few people can answer your problem, even worse than you are not know the answer. In the end he study. And then make some like-minded friends. Regardless of the reality or the network, friends are a major factor of success. Make some make friends, along the way will not be lonely. Also we can encourage each other into.

, a South Beauty, Zhang Lan, CVC, gossip again scraper, many people have thought of Zhang Lan the founder of South Beauty, if she is still a beauty, this kind of thing will happen?

fish live posing as mandarin fish:

earns $20 thousand for 2 years by carrying pork


hand ready to steal Houchu dish: