Comparison of excellence Dangdang and Jingdong’s three major advertising alliancesLet employees be

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

joyo report is very good, order reports, earnings report can see the customers to buy the price of each item and the webmaster in advertising revenue, classification of the report, you can see various types of advertising including text chain, Banner advertising, search box and so on show the amount of traffic, the purchase amount and the conversion rate. Adsense analysis, adjust their website advertising, has very big help. The fly in the ointment is that you can’t see the day’s report. The report is one day before 0 in the morning.

, this is the webmaster most concerned about. Jingdong network is 8%, excellent network is 4%, Dangdang is 3%, are paid 100 yuan. However, Dangdang has an operating rule: 30 yuan less orders, not to participate in commission, that is, orders did not reach 30 yuan, you can not get a penny. Because the book price is not high, my union account already has a lot of such orders.

1, union account registration

Dangdang only orders statements, income statements, income statements can be seen in the customer’s order number, order time, and the purchase of goods details.

can be selected "employees most suitable job enterprise" this ranks, as the best effect advertising.

in fact, even if not advertised, each employee is always in the enterprise to your actions and words to advertising, because employees have spread every word and action effect; in other words, each of the image of the enterprise and its employees is affected by words and deeds, because they do not pass shielding employees alone shape. If the enterprise uses and strengthens the positive advertisement effect of the employee correctly, then it is beneficial to the enterprise; otherwise it is harmful.

brand system is divided into two parts to fulfill the commitment and, most of them directly in the form of behavior of employees. This suggests that our entrepreneurs must pay attention to the role of employees in advertising and even branding.

because enterprises are in the period of development of different employees in the dissemination of corporate brand image advertising or corporate performance is different, can be divided into four stages: the first stage is to develop a code of conduct of employees; the second stage is to make employees become the main body of IMC, said the line is in order to achieve the aim of enterprise marketing; the third stage is the dominant part of the enterprise employees to be organic integrated brand communication, with its words and deeds drive enterprise brand promotion; the fourth stage is to keep every employee in reach the acme of perfection, personality characteristics at the same time, it shows that the enterprise total value and social responsibility, the company established a higher u.s..

comment: Jingdong 10 points, excellent network 5 points, Dangdang 1 points.

4, the richness of the report

comment: excellent network 10 points, Dangdang 4 points, Jingdong 1 points.

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jd only order report, the income statement, but not to the customer’s order number, as well as the goods, do not know what type according to the Commission, live muddleheaded.

2, commission

Dangdang, excellent network are open registration, registration can use. Jd is to be registered by the audit, audit and extremely slow, a few weeks if not audit, the audit did not pass, can not be re submitted to the site, also can’t change the website submitted, only to re submit a site registered account, it is very powerful".

3, the production of advertising links

these one point three websites are all very good. Advertisements can be linked to every commodity on the website. Each channel, activity, picture of various sizes, advertising links is also very rich. In addition, Dangdang has intelligent advertising, you can display the relevant content according to the content of the site, similar to GGAD. Excellent network to provide API interface, is also quite good.

my site "dangdang book" parity is a textbook website, mainly compares dangdang, joyo, three Jingdong website book price. After a few months of development, sum up the strengths and weaknesses of the three alliances:

comment: Dangdang 10 points, excellent network 10 points, Jingdong 9 points.

comment: Dangdang, excellent network 10 points, Jingdong 0 points.