The stationmaster will go four ways in the futureThe box horse Xiansheng shop costs tens of millions

do not know to read the above confused about the future, you can understand that I want to explain today? I am not talking about me, did not say you. I’m talking about our future. According to my study and life in recent years, I have figured out the truth. The stationmaster will only go a few ways in the future.

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according to the National Bureau of statistics data, from 1 to June this year, the total retail sales of social consumer goods reached 17 trillion and 200 billion yuan, an increase of 10.4%, and the final consumer spending contribution to economic growth rate of 63.4%. Under this background, the "new retail" has become a social topic, Ali was regarded as the first implementation of the scale of profits "benchmarking", box horse Xiansheng has become a widely concerned sample. Can the box horse model be replicated? What are the implications of these explorations for retail enterprises in transition?

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retail industry is the scale of replication. January 2016 Xiansheng box horse shop, box horse App synchronization completed. At present, there are only two stores in Beijing.

in October last year, the business for 18 years in the ten Libao Yokado dismantling shop. Today, more than two of the property unpopular, is preparing to turn from the retail office, and in the negative layer of the original Yokado supermarket location, retail net red box horse Xiansheng has opened a new era of their own.


Hou Yi said that Malaysia Xiansheng box all of the standard reference the highest grade standard, but the core business to the rapid turnover, "a fast turnover, what are easy to handle. We would rather put down the price and speed up the turnover. Therefore, the management concept is different from the supermarket." According to him, Shanghai store fresh loss rate basically around 1%, the price >

box horse Xiansheng based on scene positioning, around the "eat" to build the product category, consumers to re purchase rate high fresh products for the entrance, the auxiliary standard of food, and can provide a large number of direct consumption of finished and semi-finished products, differentiated products, meet the needs of all consumers to eat.

however, box horse Xiansheng founder Hou Yi recently said that the implementation of single store profitability, box horse Xiansheng will enter a rapid replication stage. Hou Yi said the box asks the horse shop Xiansheng has essential difference with the general supermarket, does not depend on the geographical position, "we take three kilometers as the core cloth shop, online sales, store selection requires relatively high." That is to say, as long as there is a mature community, as long as there are people in the place, there may be a box horse figure.

in the format, the box horse is a supermarket + food + logistics +APP composite functional body. The internal called "a shop five two warehouse center", which is a front for the stores, consumer area, back-end for storage and distribution area, five centers are supermarket center, dining center, logistics center, operations center and fans experience center.

What is the box horse

a lot of people, like me, hate the current education model or, for some other reason, give up the chance to go to college. And then dreams of the same network. All the stationmaster is doing this dream. Of course, a lot of people have dreams come true. But more people are still chasing, are looking forward to wake up, found that they have a house, a car, there are beautiful women, there are countless banknotes. Reality, however, is cruel. Especially for those who give up the University and do webmaster friend more cruel. I have a friend, and I am one year old, I do not know why he finished junior high school, came out to work, listen to him said, when a sale of electrical appliances for sale and delivery. I was on the Internet every day, and he ran to the Internet bar as soon as he was in the evening. Sometimes, two people will be bored to a word, day chat all night. He made a game forum, and there were so many people, and now I wonder where he’s been looking for so many people. Often do a lot of LOGO, do a good, let me see one, and then call me comment, say bad, he is anxious, say good, and he thought I was lying to him. And then continue to do LOGO to help others to do, or that a few style: a black frame, then the background and the border between a white border, a transparent white line from the left to the right row, the final site name and domain name flash out. The only thing that changes is the background, or the font and the color. And often ask me some JAVASCRIPT questions, I ask him to learn, he always said yes, definitely, and then nothing. Then asked me to help him black, he often play Internet cafes. Taught him some basic network and commonly used scanning software, from now on, buried in his so-called hacker life. After almost two years. I said I wanted to go to a technical school, and he went with me. I dropped out of school for a semester. He has been holding the secondary school for three years. May be my perseverance, he is not strong enough. I’m still learning ASP. NET, SQL, he still goes to school every day, and occasionally meets him one or two times on the internet. I asked him again what he had been studying recently. Every time he asked, he answered: "the school is busy. I am asked to do the computer room, and the school also teaches VB. I am studying VB.".". Later, I asked him how he was doing. He seemed to think he had learned almost enough. Three years later, I worked as a small programmer at an Internet company, and he fell in love with other people’s machines, systems, and silly birds. All day outside to do the system, install drive, set up ADSL, like a super engineer, like the United States and other friends in front of show off. However, friends or friends, some hurt self-esteem, I removed.

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implementation of online and offline integration operations, re experience under the line, online heavy trading, around the store 3 km range, to build a cold chain logistics delivery system served 30 minutes.