Webmaster Mo Yan lectures on website operations groupMogujie CEO June share Taobao guest Entreprene

number 1: operating users, not operating flows.

June: Taobao guest, for mogujie is one of a traffic monetization tool, you have just said is right, how we operate Taobao customers from several angles, now the market is basically about three models, one is the main operation flow, is a user oriented operation the one is the operation of the business. Yesterday I also in the super webmaster forum read some posts and we communicate, I look at the main operation flow or the operation of consumers is relatively small, but from my personal experience, from the volume bean to mogujie practice experience, I think the future direction or in the operation of consumers, why do you say? Since we do is more like a shopping business, the so-called shopping guide is to guide consumers shopping, so it should be to guide consumers to consume is very clear, in order to reflect the value of our Taobao customers. How to operate the user, from the guest point of view, the final is how to increase revenue, but in fact is not how to improve the flow, how to get Taobao off the program, in fact, that the conversion rate is very low, the core we attributed to a nature, is what the user wants to buy something, so we must be very understanding of a certain class of users, in order to improve the conversion rate, so as to improve the income. Here I give you two suggestions for Entrepreneurship:

chooses to be familiar with, or is engaged in, the field of industry to do the station, which is the preferred

here we divide the site into several levels,

business convenienceMogujie


super station and the light: Thank you, Mr. Chen, in fact, super stationmaster net user group is around Taobao off such an industry development, a lot of people through their own web site, to help businesses promote their love of goods, as we all know, mogujie is a very successful integration of Taobao off a website business, you can give us some advice about

the most basic network marketing knowledge management including the various parts of the team in collocation, recruitment and so on can be set to the team and do expansion work independently, according to the development plan of the site to develop in each period, we must personally perform and supervise

you don’t have the right field to choose from, so your online business won’t do well…


operation layer:
here is your BOSS, you will set up a marketing team, your supervisor I suggest that when meeting the best team for you or superiors to attend and participate directly in site planning

cited a sentence: "don’t take your weak points with other people’s strengths."

these.. Can be collectively referred to as "site positioning"

many webmasters, or managers..

second: I suggest you do not go big category, we still pay more attention to clothing, less!

June mogujie: Hello, I’m June, and I’m glad to communicate with my friends in super webmaster this afternoon.

these are all things that you need to take into account and assist and implement

here, want to mention is you do station, must choose oneself familiar industry domain,

then you need to know the knowledge you don’t have,

lead: Super station interview is super webmaster interview program, which is regularly held at YY channel 80104, and arranged and released. The guests we interviewed is mogujie CEO June, mogujie is a company based on e-commerce product sharing community, while Taobao is one of mogujie’s main profit means at present, June has six years of work at Taobao, eventually to see the community e-commerce blue sea market, give up millions of options, real estate business, has the launch of the community electricity supplier tool service volume bean network and social e-commerce website and mogujie, just more than a year, mogujie has made remarkable achievements, the cumulative financing of nearly $20 million, the following is the transcript of the interview.

programming architecture website and beautify the page design and build various channels to create

mogujie, CEO, June

as a manager, although he can not be an all-round talent,

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Lecture Notes:
runs a website, or let’s start from their own resources on the

also includes areas where you can integrate other small areas of

achieves proficiency in the technical and business aspects of the various layers of the website. But at the very least, you have to try and learn to be familiar with

, of course, also includes some hardware resources, such as servers, or space bandwidth

location, you must plan their own profit model is the core of