How do you design the company’s equity structure after the start up company is registeredA monthly i

from this chart, we can see that the main participants in the company’s holdings are the partners in the middle part, the employees on the left and the advisers in the left, and the investors on the right.

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below, this is our picture of the company’s shareholding structure at the angel stage.

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as for the left part of the "employee incentive equity" and the "right side" part of the "corporate start-up financing", we are followed by special discussion.

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how to take the team? How to allocate the benefit of the team? How to manage the

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‘s newly established venture team, how to design the ownership structure of the company, especially the ownership structure of the venture partner, has always been one of the most troubling problems for entrepreneurs.

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today discussed the entry and exit mechanism of equity partners in the middle part.

how should an entrepreneur design the company’s equity structure?

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of course, there are not only many craters, but also deep ones.


1. partners will be faced with the problem of ownership structure design partner equity design on the first day of partnership venture;

we found that frequent outbreak of equity wars or farce among partners is because they have neither the entry mechanism of partner equity nor the withdrawal mechanism of partner equity.

5. company enough NB, to achieve the volume of BAT, you need to make big companies do small, old enterprises do new, will also face equity structure design issues incubator, amoeba management.

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business are all related to the same thing: the ownership structure of the company.

shlf1314 can’t cheat? From a business point of view, not necessarily,

at different stages of the company’s development, entrepreneurs will face the company’s equity structure design issues:

2. will introduce Angel funds early, and will face the problem of ownership structure design angel financing;

, in our process of serving start-ups,

4. companies need to accelerate the development of recruiting, staking, introducing A round, B round, C round investors,…… IPO will face the problem of equity structure design venture capital financing;

we’ve seen stories of various versions of partners, equity wars, and entrepreneurial friends dealing with all kinds of equity wars.

company has 3. 350 people, to encourage middle management and key technical personnel and the company go down for a long time, will face the equity structure design problem employee equity incentive;

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