Artspace a high end art trading platform received 8 million 500 thousand in financingJinshan Noti

in addition, if you happen to be a talented artist, you can try Artspace if you don’t have the talent to appreciate it. This is not only a place where collectors can open their dreams, but also a platform for artists to realize their value.

art startups do not often get VCs favor, but for a lucky few, it is not difficult to get the attention and care. Artspace, a high-end art trading company founded in 2011, has just announced a $8 million 500 thousand B round of financing. So far, the total value of the Artspace inventory has jumped to $100 million, compared with just $7 million or $8 million at the start.

Artspace founder Catherine Levene said the new $8 million 500 thousand financing not only will be used as a technology platform expansion the launch of new products and services, but also use part of the funds for marketing, in order to put Artspace into more new markets.

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of course, before deciding to buy, consumers will need to carefully understand the information and the authenticity of these works yes, you have to buy and make sure it is not fake or from the street to just pull people to draw or shoot; and in order to dispel the concerns of consumers, Artspace special and professional institutions signed an agreement, the original the author and works to establish a partnership, so all the works are the relevant institution or the artist’s signature.

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Artspace can help collectors, thorough and works of art, first-class Museum, the company and the world culture galleries and institutions to establish a cooperative relationship, in order to provide the best collection of modern art to the user. In Artspace, the collectors to lower the market price to buy those gradually being recognized artists; in addition, free membership benefits can also make the Artspace members ahead of other people to buy popular works of art. In other words, avoid frequent travel and fatigue, and Artspace can provide you with a collection of high-end art at home.


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