The core pattern of website profit products and servicesA brief discussion on the activities that ar

usually profitmodel will grain in three stages, one is the membership as the basic profit model, the second is when the members reach a certain number of organizations and some loyal users of project cooperation, so as to extract a portion of the profits, there is a large project to lasting marketing users or team, so as to obtain lasting the profit of


for a web site, to create a profit model as is fighting at the front of the supply line, if the supply line is not smooth and that this battle will win, Yuan Shao’s defeat in Guandu is a typical example, the same is true for the website operation, if the website operation when a march to war, and profit the website operation mode is our horses website operation has not started we should set out to design the website profit pattern

although higher acceptance of high-end goods, but Taobao’s one yuan shot is still able to attract many customers. This is a share of users to participate in one yuan of Taobao quantum statistical flow meter, auction of a fabric table lamp, screenshots, for reference only.

also has a very awesome is that micro-blog is also popular in the introduction of traffic for the Taobao auction, the seller can further enhance the introduction of flow.

Taobao auction is no longer the feasibility of the exposition, whether you believe it or not, anyway, I believe. Read the above analysis, once again understand the Taobao auction, then according to the analysis of whether their product characteristics can bring efficiency for you, this is the right way! In general, the final auction price cannot reach our normal pricing, that is to say there is a common loss. For the purpose of draining the audited auction products, Taobao will give 2 days of display, plus the day of the auction. A total of 2 days, a little bit more, what we need to do is – how to retain customers! The following share is also suitable for independent electricity supplier website.

two. The customer into the store after guiding the collection of shops or certain commodities, the needs of the baby details and to guide the shop home page, add up.

products and services profit model can say a lot of people like Zhao Zhao as if it were raining flowers, including China, Shu Su, said all but once executed, closely reasoned and well argued, is to believe the book is better than no book phenomenon, not according to the market changes, and adjusted. According to the book to teach us the profit way, nature is very difficult to be successful! Such as membership fees, some people think that receiving membership fee is more money, but for a web site and is not very mature, membership fee is no less than that, so for any profit model must let us do the right oneself website adjustment, ensure the long-term stability of the


this is a lot of sellers ignored, this is a taobao initiated soon some activities, perhaps because there is no reason to follow the development of the electricity supplier and the rapid development of innovation, which is easy to be ignored the seller. But whether it will give buyers to ignore? The answer is: NO! According to Taobao data show that in 2011 the Taobao auction channel home visitors UV to 7W, which is more worthy of attention is the seller, auction user’s credibility is 44.9% of buyers credibility to a drill, and the crowd consumption capacity is higher, the auction acceptance rate is higher for luxury goods.

is currently the site of the profit model is nothing more than two kinds, one is selling products, one is the sales service, the two is actually the core website profit pattern, make good use of these two kinds of profit model, then your website will be able to easily make money! Sell product mainly is to buy low and sell high, and providing services it is most and many advertising alliance cooperation, such as shlf1314, sh419 and Ali mother and so on, through a way of site traffic into revenue! We need to research the layout of advertising on the site location, in other words it is to improve the site’s traffic conversion rate of

believe that the webmaster can want to come out, but specific to how they perform at least half of the people go astray, resulting in Wangzhuan failure, actually those successful people Wangzhuan is never in the original frame inside out of the different road to success.


. A good sales associated baby details page, especially to participate in the auction products need to increase the effort to attract customers to create a page for details, and better the flow into the other baby shop, this time reasonable arrangement of related sales is particularly important, not detailed here, interested can look at the blue sky pavilion just write "related marketing is definitely not quite to put the goods"

! profit!Two kinds of profit model on !

now, Juhuasuan, gold rush almost become the merchant’s battleground, bringing traffic and sales considerable impressive, especially Juhuasuan, even more people shipped trembling hands. But these activities, relative to the low profit dispensers, is undoubtedly a bloody investment. Popular activities not only led the buyer’s nose, but also led the seller’s nose, many dispensers are Juhuasuan brain, gold coins, through train. Today I want to tell you an easy drainage activity for the shopkeeper – Taobao auction!


product sales is nothing more than for low price supply, and then through the marketing of products as if it were raining flowers, with a high price to sell, so you can make money, so in the content of the website above should be good Kung Fu, let others think that your recommendation is a great help for them and for the sales service! Then, to highlight their strengths, and offer professional services, such as A5 is the webmaster to provide good service, including service station, soft service and so on, to help members to solve the difficulties and confusion they encountered