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spent 12 years as a programmer in Beijing and Shanghai, Chen Bole started his first venture – on the Internet to sell creative gifts, but the sales volume has been no breakthrough, struggling after a year failed. In the second venture, Chen Bole suddenly remembered a happy shopping experience on the BlackSocks website – the next order would be full year service. Order refers to "package customization, regularly sent home" service mode, simply set the magazine book like socks, selected delivery cycle in site hook, such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, after successful payment, the website will according to the menu content on time delivery door socks. At the time, the site in Europe was a great success, with a record of 10 million double sales a year.

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despite the current size is not large, Chen Bo’s site has attracted domestic well-known venture capital institutions Pegasus brigade founder Yuan Yue attention. Half a month ago, Yuan Yue participated in the 8 start-up companies in Wuhan project roadshow, in which men’s socks are considered one of the most reliable companies.


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shopping is a headache for almost all men, but they have to waste time running the supermarket for socks.

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later, Pegasus brigade a deputy general visits to the company, make sure of the direction of development, "big is not strong, if big but not strong are more prone to collapse, the man socks do is a very fine field, can put a little thing to the extreme is very valuable in the future. Well, there may be a tipping point for its rapid development and growth."

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compared to gifts, socks consumables, necessities, special features continue to bring visitors source, which makes Chen Bole very tempted, he decided to black socks website profitable door into the country.

from this kind of trivia smell business opportunities after 80 IT otaku Chen Bo, in November 2010 to create a website monopoly men’s socks, and in the domestic initiative "socks bag years", "regular delivery" and other service mode. In just over a year, websites have begun to make profits.


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"get up in the morning, only to find socks or not washed, or broke the hole, had to find a pair of holes, the smallest put on, and then remind yourself next time to buy.". But this careless man buy socks, a few can remember? I must have had a lot of men experience." Yesterday, Chen Bole, a IT otaku, became very talkative when he mentioned the original intention of creating websites to sell socks.

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