Product family is to elaborate every detail permeates the user experience


Luo said "I am not to win or lose, I’m serious, and get from my friend’s two hammer mobile phone, all because of a slight collision due to wear is not small, as a product, Luo seems to have serious mental on the symmetry and the interface, while ignoring the mobile phone the quality of this is as a product manager with the line diagram must be aligned OCD, while ignoring the efficiency of the project and the key part of the user experience. Of course, today I will not Luo and his hammer mobile phone chat, but for a product family, what the spirit crafted used where appropriate.


talks, I think I need to explain what kind of person is a product family. In my eyes, every product manager, UI designer and engineer is a product maker.

every detail is permeated with user experience

a few days ago I had a heated discussion with my colleagues about the classification of the navigation bar and the details of the small icons before the text. I think our products with small icon is not pretty, then use Baidu navigation education made two samples for comparison, originally think you will agree with me, but all my colleagues and friends have asked almost invariably chose the right, and I am the only one left UI feel clean and fresh so, I can only give up their own ideas.

I was on design icon UI said: "the site is designed for the majority of the people, not designed for us, since most people choose a small icon, then we are adding a small icon that is not their own to do the ugly icons, change!", we will incorporate style icon changes the abstract style icon, finally let up appearance classification navigation.

actually, classification navigation icon with and without the use of the user will not effect the function, there will be users complaining you add the icon or no icon, but when the two put together the navigation menu, the user can see who is more attentively, each one can improve the user experience the details are worth to design products.


each defect to challenge the bottom line


says so much in the end or interface, perfect interactive experience will never end, but before that, we should be most concerned about the quality of this is the root of the hammer head I mentioned mobile phone "easy bruising" problem.

in the mobile phone industry, NOKIA although slowly decline, but it can be smashed walnuts, blocking the quality of the bullet is still a big benchmark. Luo said that since the "serious", it should be clear in the quality of products, the spirit is not cover whether the more ornate glass material, which is the use of plastic materials can surpass Samsung, each product.