Website operation for more than a month of deep experience

Hello everybody, I am sunshine pig; know A5 also want more than 2 months; have been learning your webmaster friend articles.

I’ve also got a website myself; the nature of the forum community. Personally feel that it will never be forgotten; interpersonal communication; think of today’s media; television stations have been doing dating to the program; the fact that; as long as the dating sites do like the same television; attract most attention; there are more social youth to participate in the activities of passion; then interactive dating website will be out a new path.

to do the website, I am a little knowledge level is not; plainly, just a junior high school education; but I am confident to do it well. My understanding of website operation is to be real; popularity; the content of the image. The wonderful; those Baidu ranking is what the contents do; people; directly remember your site domain name; you can find the site. Some websites are ranked first; a search keyword is your website; but how much traffic is really reflect the value of the site? Are all out of order flow. So my site; 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. is not banned; Zhuhai; Zhongshan; Jiangmen near the registered members post is prohibited; doing only one purpose; interactive dating website do not make friends in the theme; range; others have no meaning.

Zhuhai Sunshine Network’s "stand" style is to make people feel simple and comfortable; the layout of things is too much, it is only a shell.

is our direction to the next line interactive activities as the main line; the development of popularity in the crowd; the gradual accumulation of popularity; mainly in free activities; carry out slowly charges activities; this is a small website operation late profitable way! With the number of website activity increased; the corresponding increase in a DV video website layout some wonderful pictures; record activities; also can initiate grassroots video user self directed to share happiness; let members then have a faithful love! People; and popularity; profitable way is easy; the corresponding website will be with strong survival ability; to membership will bring wonderful with.

of course; a forum for such social development; the cycle will be a bit long; only put positive attitude; don’t blindly want to make money as we thought; so while working wages; while amateur engage in leisure time; two no mistake; wouldn’t it be better? The so-called grassroots; not all is this


my website does not do well; but never mind; only the advertising will feel that he has real value; the website content is very important! Zhuhai Sunshine Network; welcome the friends exhibitions; thank you