[Earl original] Chinese new blog Cluster concept of cowardice

The concept of

blog network has not been clear. Now I have a new Chinese webmaster in my group. Got to know the situation. Look at the stinky bean net. I think of petty bourgeoisie and rational internet. This feeling is not a shock. I think the sky will be a motley crew of the group. However, such a spring still appeared, and the audience’s diversion and feelings more and more can not be perceived. The world is big,


, such feelings again hit.

the world is big. But is this idea a primal or a weak blow?. The petty bourgeoisie in philosophy has always been weak. What will happen with this accumulation?. There is always hope, there is a solution..


spirit of the Internet will be established. Cutting-edge, out of hand. Who will dominate the fashion or more and more non mainstream?. Well?….

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