Experience in managing a team as a forum

74idc, we are mainly doing business and service on the IDC, with little webmaster things, and our most main is the planning forum, let users visit our forum to see a vigor and vitality, and it is useful to the user what users want to have!!

so, what are we going to do? Personally speaking, I’ll tell you in detail,

1, forum content,

, we should organize and collect the information and content about IDC in half a month. It doesn’t have to be much, but it’s fine. All the ads in the existing forums are all pulled into the advertising area!


sorting and editing well! The simple point that is the two important topics broaden the "national resource price statistics" and "IDC IDC" to regulate the right to vote gongbang don’t write, especially the title


2, forum section adjustment

currently we have related large sections: IDC concentration camp, network resource requirements, IDC and network reviews, webmaster concentration camp, leisure entertainment version, administrator center,

if we put these plates close and close in meaning section adjustment, may make users feel more professional! (here I mentioned under bbs.admin5.com, they board a few, if we want to develop the corresponding things, generally choose a small edition


is currently in our forum, most of the content and the section in the minds of users have no idea too much to talk about (perhaps as the forum administrator may have been ingrained,) let the user feel unable to start, it feels like some advertising is


3, forum staff assigned

personnel distribution does not necessarily have to be allocated reasonably, and the corresponding division of labor and cooperation may be better.

4, forum publicity,

publicity and promotion here too seriously, the above mentioned contents of the forum of things! We do the content, then is to do publicity and promotion (when there is not much content in the forum of the initial promotion or


says in detail below: "


1, blog promotion,

blog promotion, everyone will; but how to do all this? Maybe people get a little crazy! We don’t have to do a N+ blog, but as long as one or two, or a blog every two people! Why? As a Bo the guest with a website is the same definition, but only to give others promotion. Here if we do a bloger blog, we do, add the corresponding content (content here should also pay attention to the full article only half back to visit our forum!), there should be more, but not too.