Teach you how to make a profitable personal Adsense

today and a friend chat is really let me feel so much, because the two days has written several articles published in the webmaster website, may be feeling my writing okay so the friend to take the initiative and I talked to my friend, the friend to do is party information station, indeed at first glance his stand people feel is a garbage station, advertising is full of the computer screen, give people a strong visual impact, but also the site of the entire layout is not reasonable, from his mouth that this is he just found on an online information station source change link change logo put it up, you might say that advertising profits ah, but if I tell you his form of advertising is Taobao + Baidu + alliance alliance text link advertising? What a typical station profit model. However, this is a "dump", the monthly profit is more than 5000 do you believe? It is true that he and I said he was my monthly profit is more than 5000, but also for training in the market under the premise, he said the plan after the new year advertising to improve, I was there is a feeling of collapse, a station can have so good profit, I did not think this guy is not fool me he is an absolute genius, I dare say, just pull out a new webmaster than he did stand pretty, but they will use this station profit but, good profit, let me have to admire him, interested friends to see Suzhou information port of his website, you will know why I’m so surprised. We are not on his website is very curious how profitable? Less idle, then I will give you the analysis, he is how to achieve profitability.

the first thing to talk about is character, decision making,

maybe we always heard that "change the fate of character" and "character determines a person’s life and from the friends after I really feel the character of a person’s influence how big the character really can decide whether or not you can profit. The process of chat and friends, he always asked me for some advice on his website, I even proposed some I think he will be very careful consideration over comments, after consideration is decisive implementation, when I asked him what I said is not necessarily right, why listen to me? He said to have been his own feeling, some people give idea is very good, I did not think this is a listen to others mind. I will ask some very confidential. For example the profit model, which is as a state secret. For many webmaster, he is free to speak out, without a hint of concealment, maintains full trust to strangers, it is willing to share their successful experience of people. Many people may think that the owners are not afraid of people to grab his job? But I think it is only when you open your heart to your successful experience to share out, like a friend listen to anybody. Maybe this is not you, you will progress faster and easier to success no one will be stingy with generous person, not Jie > success