Rookie stand by friendship link site traffic steady rise

Hello, I am a super rookie, for SEO do not understand, let alone to web optimization, and I also will change the program utterly ignorant of, just a few days ago, I downloaded the Marx movie program, think the program is good, I like the rookie level characters directly change in some places you can use so, I bought a domain name and website in the international space, space and domain name opened the first day of operation, is a free movie website, I hurried to see the webmaster stand experience, found are said to be landing Baidu and Google can get traffic, I would look on their web site, Baidu included second days my site only included the 1 pages, third days 1 night, Baidu took the stand K me, GOOGLE has not yet included my website, but I have not been to any of Altar, website, blog, advertise my website, and now talk about how I made my movie station more than 4 days IP3000, this method is most effective for entertainment station, especially movie station, other station effect is general!


because too many connections, I not say, you open my website, look at my station links, there are 3 rows of so much, oh, these are not connected to exchange with others, this is my own one for connecting up, in my friendship connection in all sites can I bring traffic every day, ranging from 10IP-200IP, is the entertainment site navigation and traffic alliance, and movie search network traffic exchange, my movie station they all landed.

every day as long as I check all connections, my website will appear in their home, they have very high traffic sites, some relatively low, of course, high flow station bring more traffic, but low is also good, because the landing site is relatively small, even if I don’t go to my station connected to my site they will also appear on the home page of the website, as for GJJ and relatively large site navigation station I will not say, after landing the basic didn’t flow, you want every day N times he will be included, but you must be included after every 1 minutes at a connection, but IP Limited, so put them in friendship connection where there is no use, or not do, or in the advertising position more eye-catching, it can! On my way easily on IP3000 above, if you do the dumpster, then put their connection Ah, code, all put, the page is all their code connection, so that traffic is no problem a day, and then put some advertising union advertising.

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