Groupon buy model three elements of the success of the site

writing this article today is a little lost and a little easier. I have also lost because the Groupon mode of imitators, visitors are my network, but it failed, yesterday after the handover procedures, sold to a team in Beijing, visitors belonging to the network of my time on this end; but a little easier, it is because I do not have to worry about it and don’t need to find partners in the market, for the promotion and bustling about all day.

as a person, I would like to have a lot of words to colleagues, but as a loser, but also feel that talking about these things, I feel some reason not straight gas not strong. Later continued to see a lot of people talking about the senior network Groupon model, but the majority pour cold water. I want to pour cold water is not a bad thing, at least let us awake a lot, this is what I want to say a lot of peers, if you want to do Groupon website, I agree that such a view of your team (note, not a person, if it is personal, some do not have) the ability to deal with the following three propositions:

number 1: plenty of money. The importance of funds for the Internet must be self-evident, this is the root of the Internet, and other industries must be the same, but other industries on the urgency of the funds, there is no such high internet. Only enough money, you can have the ability to do the market hiring, promotion, and strong market capacity and rapid promotion effect, it is decided to Groupon web of life and death. I don’t know how much money I want to invest in a website like this, but I just know it needs a lot of money. It’s not a small group. We also have a small team, also hard to chip in, but there is an utterly inadequate measure.

second, a first-rate market. Only a good marketing team, and cultivating the local market, in order to offer attractive goods for the majority of users, this is the Groupon website to retain customers charm, if there is no good goods, like we did, for goods thwarted, even do not attract, moreover, to attract users


third, quick promotion. Presumably promotion is the most burn, recently saw handle nets promotion is very fierce, don’t know how much money was smashed. And the money burned, how to recover, is indeed a problem. We have done the promotion, just the wages of employees, a month on the tens of thousands, which for some small teams, it is very difficult.

if you have these three elements, you have the ability to intervene in this market. But the market itself is suitable for doing in China, which is another unknown. According to some of my own experience, this model is still useful in some cities, but in the two or three line cities, there is some space for operation. I spent 2 months in a central capital city of Nanchang, where I knew only what I knew.

wants to have friends who are already doing and are going to do such sites