Look at the traffic market from the QQ chat room


network was not guaranteed because the concept of creative, comprehensive ability of people themselves are not the same, it is not possible to say creative can ensure that everyone earn 300 yuan / day, so at the end of this concept in the past there is no network, now the network is everywhere, it is because the base has as an auxiliary word propaganda, has lost its original meaning, at the end of first appeared in 06 years in February, have launched a new network form, this form of network security at the end of that idea, is that as long as people buy his creativity, it can ensure 300 yuan this income every day, regardless of who is an absolute visual impact, so there are two kinds of judgment, the first is a hoax, the second is likely to be true, then there were some big Guts chose this idea, and the result is really that, then we’ll take a look at 06 years in February, this base day income 300 yuan of creativity is what kind of creativity:

1. select 6 members QQ, of course, you can choose more, here is to use 6 as an example, must be member QQ, because the member QQ in the chat room is ranked first.

2. plus video head, if there is no video head, then you need to use the QQ plug-in to ensure that when QQ enters the chat room, the video head image is displayed in front.

3. information has been modified for women, requiring generous and elegant, without erotic names, not vulgar, age set at 23~28 years old.

4. modifies the data to allow anyone to be a friend, without any ads in the data.

5. uses the NOOPENQQ to hang up the 6 QQ and make sure they’re online.

6. sets the auto response feature in these NOOPENQQ, with ads inside.

7., each QQ can enter 3 chat rooms, 6 QQ respectively into 18 different cities chat room, landing chat room after the QQ closed, through the NOOPENQQ put these QQ hang up, keep online.

8. because the QQ is normal QQ, the surface looks like some normal friends, so administrators will not kick them out, so that QQ would have been in the chat room.

chat room 9. men love view online, video, if you are a member, so better, because they think no one would use to members of QQ advertising, unless it is a fool, so they will take the initiative to add the beauty QQ number, and then take the initiative in the QQ and the beauty of greeting, automatic in reply to the beauty will give them advertising information.

10.6 QQ can generate 2000IP traffic per day.

11. in 06 years, the whole >