Long night language new station how to face the search to do the content

has not written this topic for a long time. How many people are concerned about it?. Let me leave that aside. In the face of search here only at leisure to talk, how to do the content, the content of strong. So that the search can climb your station normally.

the acquisition of the times, there is a shift, Baidu started. GG is the webmaster for God for buddha. Why? Because CN’s a dollar. Because the stationmaster is lazy. That’s why. Cause now many stationmaster gave up CN meters, a lot of people, looking afraid.

well, since the acquisition has become mainstream, that we do not need to stumble from dawn to dusk for their small worry, bold. From the beginning of the collection. Start working on the content for your station. Do a good job of searching for content.

first, or start with the first update, don’t rush to collect. For the first time, to ensure that they are completely original content, pseudo original also line. At least even if you know it’s stolen, then at least let the search look like you’re original, OK, so that’s all. Hold on for about three days. Don’t look for links at this time. Don’t go publicity. Three days later. Maybe GG has naturally collected your home page. Don’t worry, start collecting. But remember: collecting a day, artificial pseudo original day. The most important aspect of the loop model is that GG has now been charged. It is not too much, not every content more than 800 articles, careful GG will be angry.

then, more than a week later, the initial content is not a big station, the content is enough, and then begin manual, update about three days. As for the quality of the content, to find their own, to make their own judgments. Of course, is not original originality. Well, the question is a little complicated. Remember one sentence: there is no copyright in china.

second days, three days later, you can start formal propaganda, search, submit it. This time, the content up, it is necessary to search the spider cited, to promote faster, more times to lie prone to your station. Find external connections, friendship connections. To ensure a certain quality, do not mass forum, this is a big mistake. Group, say bad is not bad, say good, he is bad. Paradoxically, the immediate effect is that the search will lower your weight. It’s that simple.

as for the PR value, do not need to worry about this problem, new station, can say boldly, can’t have PR. Usually, Google updates its new station PR about three months. In other words, three months later, as long as the friendship connection to ensure a certain quality, you can absolutely say, at least PR will no longer be zero.

in other words, proper manual collection is quite possible. But there must be a rule. Don’t give him ten thousand pieces a day, so you’re really strong, but if you want to do a good job, it’s entirely a collection station, so you can’t live long. No, Baidu doesn’t accept it. Even if you take it, K, sooner or later. So collect, collect, face the search, or have to follow the rules. To >