Enterprise social integration marketing should know latent website promotion grasp good sense of pr

talking about this topic promotion and marketing, many owners will think is the marketing promotion and marketing, which in turn is a kind of promotion, in fact, this kind of thinking is wrong, the so-called marketing can only be a small category of promotion, marketing is the representative of the interests of the seller, all the people and promotion is representative of the interests. But in many webmaster due to the vague concept of marketing and promotion will be a sign for this kind of thinking, I can only tell you: just a marketing promotion promotion to chess, elegant retreat is really promotion.

don’t know if you heard of the recent much more fierce Motorola layoffs, employees do not dry and strong motorcycle but cut, to tell the truth this is like a kind of Internet marketing, and the staff has become a marketing object, and Motorola has become a mandatory promotion guide, it abandoned the preservation of marketing the overall situation, it abandoned due to a strong marketing promotion strategy, this is really promotion. Through the cuts do not know if you noticed: moto mobile phone sales increased, now in the bus, Hilo’s mobile phone ringtone sounded again, in fact, this is a kind of elegant retreat real promotion. And we in the Internet how to truly promote the

to abandon the car?First, we should promote

positioning, take what to marketing, what to rely on to support the promotion, this is one thing we need to do, if we want to promote a clothing store, so we started our marketing shop by what the marketing strategy of brand strength? If we are using celebrity effect it’s just a celebrity marketing strategy for our clothing store, when there is a certain flow, we have come up with marketing strategy, and keep the user’s promotion strategy is to abandon marketing and establish real user service system, such as user experience, establish respect return normalization system, to create a high quality clothing, I want to do this point, when you don’t need the marketing promotion really established.

then we have to be willing to abandon marketing, perhaps because many web marketing strategies and marketing profit, but not a long time, as the site still rely on his own skills to win the user’s long-term support, if we are a local website, perhaps by full day advertising can bring some traffic to your site, but rely on advertising is not enough, we must at the same time advertising continue to let users mind remember our website, with characteristics of the resources to deal with the user, the time is ripe after you should be willing to abandon the webmaster marketing, a local website can not always rely on advertising to maintain the flow of it, so we should abandon the advertising strategy gradually, not to the key when reluctant to give up advertising and marketing, it is a failure.

finally after we give up marketing strategy will test their website really will promote the method of success, first we can analyze from the website traffic, old user traffic exists, the new user traffic is increasing, if you find the user flow showed a sharp decrease in the state, the.