Station is to accept the constant adversity so that life strong

some people say that adversity is a necessary process for growth. He who dares to accept adversity will grow stronger.

as a student webmaster, learning and interest contradictions, conflicts, the site of the insistence, is not adhere to adversity,


really doesn’t want to express the happy mood of PSP player’s new access record in this way.

in 06 years what happened 07 years after the loss, I have been trying to rely on their own to do a proof beyond the previous results to a website, no longer belong to my website for pride.

PSPer recently visited has steadily increased to record every day to refresh and a website building plan.. As I write this article, today’s visit will continue to grow.

has been here this week to show me something new and had to review some of the goals I had already set, some of which I didn’t expect to accomplish during my college years.

PSP gamers now visit Ip more than 4000 (over a week), twice as much as half a month ago. Alexa world rankings have finally shown curves. At this rate, I believe I can enter the 10W name, if it can be achieved. However, there was a lack of prior team work. I’m the only one busy. Tired, bored, laborious. It took me some time yesterday to check over more than 1600 articles and revise it (I’m surprisingly efficient) and I hope to meet good company again in the future. Let’s hope it won’t happen again.

attached picture notes:


work is still not available, but now there is no way to barely

or go down to do well before, learn poorly, as soon as possible to make up back,

believes that the future will be good, because I have always adhered to the road I like, 1 years, 2 years, 3 years… Unconsciously, for many years,

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