Site analysis Pinterest eye movement research


Mashable reported that EyeTrackShop is an eye movement research company, recently the use of cameras, with 10 second intervals to track the user’s eye, investigated a total of 600 users when browsing a Pinterest page of the eye, the survey found that users browse the Pinterest, the eye movement and other social networking sites are different.

Pinterest home hot spot


* on the hot chart, red is the most eye-catching position, and the map on the right shows the participant’s findings

Pinterest home page eye movement sequence and statistics


Beauty Department brand page hotspot map


Eye movements, browsing sequences, and statistics

Beauty Department


below are some interesting findings on Pinterest:

The top and center of the

page have the highest visibility: from the hot chart we can clearly see that the upper and middle pictures receive the highest attention. When users open the first page of a web page, the first focus is on the middle picture.

face pictures are more attractive than other pictures: This is the same as most other social networking sites, and visitors are more concerned about the face than other types of pictures.

first look pictures look at information in Facebook, the user’s photos and personal information to visitors to focus on areas of interest in the Pinterest, the user pays little attention to information, most of the time in the browse pictures. This developer needs to pay attention.


brand page is as popular as the category page: the brand page is an independent category page created by businesses based on their own brands, which is used to display pictures of businesses’ own brands. The survey found that users for this type of page acceptance is very high, which means that businesses can use Pinterest photo stream to help users better find their love products, this is a good profit development direction of Pinterest platform.

users will love the brand after looking at the brand page: the survey found that the user’s preference for the brand would increase after browsing the brand page, and increase the purchase rate. This is a belief that Taobao’s businesses long ago realized that a lot of good businesses use a lot of high cost pictures, and quality pictures really add to the desire of consumers to buy