Personal webmaster collection Web site is how to make

came here today to discuss some of the experience and skills of website construction. If you are interested in this article, or if you don’t understand it. Please add QQ group: 9931497 build it, advanced group.

1, select a good domain name

Select the

domain name depends on the webmaster’s personal preferences, some owners love named after himself, for example, I use kingwq, some website or website of phonetic spelling or abbreviations, such as the station go to jzq8, here need to point out that the domain name must have meaning, significance.

2, choose a good space,

website, web space is a decisive factor in space, speed, space stability, space health (here refers to the same server without a penalized site), directly affect the friendly site to search engines. If you are a novice, you can pick a hand, but if you want to do for a long time on this site, I suggest is to spend money to buy a better space.

3, select a good program

program is also very important, the background function, the front of the layout, can generate static links, which can determine the site’s collection, search engines for static links, or included better.

4, submit website

next, you need to submit your website address to the major search engines. I recommend you go to, where it is convenient to submit your website. It is important to submit your website.

5, increase the chain

There are a lot of

the increase of the chain method, the most common is the mass links to a number of forums, is the most convenient, but now it is very difficult to do, included, included large communities, quick review mechanism, anti spam mechanism are very perfect. If the release of some obvious spam, it is easy to be deleted, and may lead to ID was blocked, so we will launch some related forum main article, insert a link to our site, as the soft placement in.

6, increase the original, pseudo original

website building up, we should consider the rich web content, after all, a website or media, need a lot of text, pictures and video, to enrich the site, attract people to the website, and let everyone stay to become their own user. It’s not easy to do, we need to add a lot of original, do some eye-catching problems, of course, the most important content, we should try to make the network very little or nothing. Ha ha, this needs everybody to come according to own website need to fill in. If the original is really difficult, then we can take pseudo original method, believe in big >