Small business suffering many e commerce monthly income of tens of thousands of passionate

in 2007, I had been working in Guangzhou for 5 or 6 years. My girlfriend hurried to buy a house and got married. A newspaper editor didn’t have much money and was fired for no reason at all. I have no resistance to forced to venture out on their own savings, borrow some friends, a total of more than 40 thousand, in the vegetable market next to the subcontract a handicraft shop. On weekdays, I am responsible for purchase replenishment, girlfriend responsible for sales. But, you know, Ben

industry is difficult, it is difficult for us to do business with foreign people like ours.

to apply for business license, there is New problems crop up unexpectedly. Banbuxialai. Obviously lack of funds, not to say what turnover, and later also need to borrow money to purchase. From 6 in the morning to 11 in the evening, but the daily sales are not enough, such as utilities, labor costs, taxes and urban public relations fees. Two of our "little boss" ate a meal without a meal, the most difficult to start business when the rent has not been paid for six months, colleagues are laughing at us, life miserable.

once had no intention of seeing someone on the internet doing business through e-commerce. I couldn’t help trying at once, but at last I reached the level of obsession. What, Ali, HC ah, what Mai Mai network, made in China, which can be found in the commercial website, I have registered members, release product information. Because my shop’s business is bad, there is no money to pay Ali, HC these members of the annual fee of the site, on the Internet are some of the supply of information does not correspond, there is no business to do, and the situation is no improvement. One day, very boring opened the mailbox, found that buy Mai network for doing activities just sent two piece of enquiry, it a try, and I contact with customers and negotiate. Hey, one, two back cooked, the other party is a show activities, you need some crafts presented to exhibitors. I sent him the style of my shop and sent it to him in a few days, and I got a successful deal. Then a get out of hand, I bought a senior member of the site requires them to provide the best service, every day as long as 6.85 yuan, will be able to do business at the end of a documentary, monthly settlement, our shop was 80 thousand and 8. I think of the old days of suffering, and my girlfriend and I happily embrace each other.

everyone is rich is the hard truth, here I would like to warn small entrepreneurs using electronic business to make money a few methods of operation.

1. mass hit products, mostly in Ali, HC, Mai Mai network, China’s supply of such commercial sites registered members of the release of products, "would rather register one thousand, and do not miss one."".

2. selects several websites according to ability and region to be the highest member and gets the impression. This gives consumers the impression that the company is strong and their products must be good.

3. requires web sites to provide personalized services. Because you pay the corresponding fees, so, despite your personalized requirements, do not rigidly adhere to the fixed services of these commercial websites.

4. "the sun is new every day."". Refresh yourself often >