Not we abandon WeChat it is WeChat let us keep a distance


this is a long article, things start from the exclusive official public number, a substantial benefit to the fans to provide for the welfare of tens of millions of large, masked unidentified or seal, many fans in the multi platform have accused WeChat of WeChat very dissatisfied with the practice, so far has not been below. If it’s only this, it’s not enough for me to write a title like this. Until yesterday afternoon, in the group, many enterprises of public accounts and individual WeChat have said that the regular activities of normal use, but WeChat to different titles and shielding reasons, some even the official website also by WeChat screen, no complaints, complained to no avail, put money and effort into water also.

combines the size, business and personal feedback, again and again to verify the title: "we do not abandon WeChat, it is WeChat, let us stay at arm’s length!"


I believe that even if the Tencent is copying software enterprises, the heart will thank the Tencent to the public, although the product is not their own, but at least on his choice of product vision is certain, especially WeChat, more change the communication mode of mobile terminals.

let us jump to the time in 2010, the launch of meter chat, greatly changed the way mobile communication, just a few days, with tens of millions of users. The beginning of 2011, from my personal point of view, similar m chat WeChat products available, huge user groups based on QQ, is a magic moment to occupy the mobile terminal. From an objective point of view, WeChat in addition to large user groups, a considerable improvement in the software application, and truly become the cross communication operators, cross platform instant messaging software, the user experience is also very good. Even the legends have shaken the interests of the communications companies, but all tend to the people, will inevitably be supported and defended by the people, although there is a storm, but did not storm.

from 1 in WeChat to 6.2 so far. 5 years of development, show a different version of the upgrade brings different functions, from the service for the whole world in a Chinese version of WeChat, in 4 launched wechat in the establishment and publicity in order to help the enterprise brand, launched a public number; didi taxi embedding, more convenient for you and I travel, WeChat paid the emergence of change payment pattern and so on. These are WeChat for individuals, for the enterprise made indelible achievements, here again thanks to WeChat brought convenience.


everything is developing in an orderly way, and WeChat is also thinking of ways to make a profit. In fact, personal feeling, payment launched when WeChat, it can be said that from a certain perspective, has achieved profitability, certification fees, the issuance of red precipitate, the sale of the settlement period, do not know whether to support WeChat’s turnover, but after all, the Tencent is a business, not a philanthropist, need to have explain to the Wall Street, blindly pay, not the Tencent.