Talking about the development process of local forum

just came into contact with the network, see a lot of people as a webmaster so proud of a lot of things, because the beginning no money, to find the space is free, so do not open for a period of time, has always been innocent was stopped space, "not get hard, really the

is a little sad!

the chance, I heard a lot of website introduced a corresponding preferential policies to provide free space and help us to set up the program, this is a very happy thing, so try a lot of space! Think not, then slowly contact with a very good program, ASP, Uu1001, they provide the program and the space is very good, but if the space problem, but make people worry station, or the last to leave them! Finally came to the corresponding DZ 5d6d, then began to settled in 5d6d, began to engage in their own stand very hard, and finally a little sense of abandon, finally gave up his back! School career


we are in Kaiping, always occasional homesickness, he opened a group called Kaiping street, the people inside are very good, very responsible, every time to engage in activities for always responsible, keep every party but feel safe! Like what is missing something, not the good things retained, at any time for others to see! So a website ideas! But because of funding problems, so I still find 5d6d, immediately opened a Kaiping community, we settled in, beginning at 5d6d, although many do not understand but inside, people are very happy for my address space, if a problem, 5d6d is always very fast for us to solve everything, so we want to stay in 5d6d. The wandering inside of the group of people is very good, very fast in the Kaiping community gathered a lot of people in Kaiping, many people are willing to stay here, even though we were in a very short period of time, the lack of time in 5d6d 1st anniversary, obtained the title of excellent forum, now the site still exist, and now we are old. There are. Because a little miss, so now not willing to close,


is now a lot of people to learn to engage in website, suggest that you can try to open 5d6d, I believe we can learn a lot of things inside, I now have occasionally go to the 5d6d to help others solve problems under, because in 5d6d many people helped me, now I understand the relevant knowledge, then I now also should go to help others. Do a website to modesty, so easier to learn and accepted by others! To engage site content, so the more left to live, more easily and can obtain Pastebin! Good in engine ranking. Content is king,


now our site were 1st anniversary, all engaged in activities that are very welcome! I know that after a few months is 2nd Anniversary 5d6d and 7th anniversary DZ official forum, I wish them a happy holiday here

!Welcome to Kaiping

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