Summary my keyword selection method

from the beginning of doing web site, and now has six months time, people say practice makes perfect, is indeed reasonable.


learning website is always alone, slowly groping to do, so pay attention only in the beginning of the content of the website is much, looking for a good source and so on some do important things (and I am not saying no important good procedures Oh ~), then began to use the most is the new cloud, now I have also been busy, for the novice really ten relatively easy to use program.

after so six months of exploration, and now I put myself so long since groping web site optimization keywords selection skills summed up, I hope the master can more pointing.

explains, I do is for Baidu keyword choice, for other search engines should be about the same, but after all, Baidu is the most Chinese search engine.


1, Baidu home:

2, Baidu index:

3, Baidu bid: below, I will choose the key method to write down.

first determine the theme of the site, such as non mainstream, QQ space, etc., this is a big direction, here I will use non mainstream keyword to illustrate.


effect is related to the selection of bidding Baidu keyword, because Baidu keyword related previous search can not be used, but the Baidu bid can register for free account for 1 months, hey, 1 months after the then registered.

After landing

go to choose a keyword query, this is what we need to find the tools, non mainstream search relevant keywords, observe in out of the page, in front of the rankings are very large search volume, but more competitive, so we should not use the new station.

select a search keyword search volume of two medium, and then check the keyword in the Baidu index, (usually we new sites to choose is some key words about 2000), these meet the requirements of the keyword record.

is the last in the Baidu search keywords, this is a complicated process, each keyword selection is in Baidu search again, then find the key words in the first ten pages which are key competitiveness comparative weakness, this is Baidu keyword in the first ten pages and a large number of the ranking sites are some pages, or list page, which shows the keywords or potential, so this round of query keywords in the end, this down selected has not a few left.


will do next is to locate the main pass for the site