Webmaster friends you pseudo original

once in QQ group chat, when it comes to "pseudo original", a group of industry predecessors, he said, 06 years began to engage in SEO, his article is pseudo original. I’m a big surprise, how will our small station every day to read the Bible for holding was plagiarism articles? I asked, no, your point of view at that time is the industry’s most innovative. He sends a smiling face, should be China belongs to the novel. I see, rookie Adsense false shrimp original, shrimp puppet is the hero of the original, and Chinese heroes pseudo is foreign heroes original.

tell the truth, the predecessors are modest, how to say, his article is not pseudo original, is accurate in terms of translation, play the role of communication, let us not English webmaster first time exposed to the latest SEO research. Now the world has advanced, the research of Baidu is still reach the peak of perfection, I respect the elder.

is now on the network to protect their intellectual property than Li Bai difficult to difficult, many authors have also reduced the limit, only a "welcome to reprint, hope to keep the link". However, the rise of pseudo original behavior, or tear the original author of the rights and interests of the last call, hard to seize the results of others.

for the "pseudo original", I have mixed feelings, sorrow, anger. I cry, it is difficult to maintain a personal website, does not have enough resources to do the original article, only full acquisition reproduced, when the powerful Baidu acquisition of unfriendly reprint articles, to make false original. Knowing that it cannot be done is the cause of sorrow. My anger is, many webmaster is really not humanitarian, the article change, remove the original author name and the source of the article, adjust the position of paragraph, modify keywords, add your own links, casually into you, and even some owners also put a "steal" Kong the book can also call the "face.

no matter how society develops and how the Internet develops, I think morality is always there. Every day watching the results of others, just want to no work by owners, should be condemned by all. The world is a big copy, a "Analects of Confucius" has become the source of the Millennium imperial stereotyped writing, each candidate is to read the "Analects of Confucius", after the interrogation, deliberation, they also have their own point of view. This way we can use the same thing, conscientiously study and master the knowledge and thinking, which mentioned the phenomenon, extended their point of view, you can also write a written. Why go to pseudo original,


even if our level is very low, the writing of the article is far from the master, but this is written by ourselves, and there is more satisfaction in the mind. We can’t throw out a brick thrown jade, or always follow a word: Ning for something, not to die. Because the whole tile is its own tile, and the broken jade is other people’s jade. As long as we continue to think, and constantly throwing bricks, throwing tiles, after the storm, we will be able to contribute to the Internet, to achieve their own glory, perhaps our brick, in others