User experience analysis interactive video design

recently, the red hot chili peppers (The Red Hot Chili Peppers) launched a new single Look Around, so as the interaction designer with love I fall in love with them to the single made interactive version of MV! This interactive video in the entertainment industry and science have caused no small repercussions, I believe there are more artists will by using the method of interactive video to enhance the participation of the

fans in the future!

watch address:


drag the mouse, you can choose to watch 4 members of the band in different scenes of the performance, by clicking on the furniture in the room, but also to watch the members of the band when shooting MV live photos. It is said that some fans have seen it 6 times before and after they have seen the complete performance of all 4 people and all the atlas……

in fact, the concept of interactive video has been around for some years, but the ways of interaction vary. The innovative interactive experience perfectly caters to the public’s voracious pursuit of freshness, and it is necessary to study it for such an energetic medium of interaction.

1. what is interactive video?

interactive video is a new video that integrates interactive experiences into linear video via a variety of technical means. Its popularity originated in the 2005, and with the increase of broadband access speed and the maturity of multimedia broadcasting technology (mainly flash), interactive video is becoming more and more popular. Advertisers, originally sponsored by advertisers, borrowed a variety of novel ways of interacting to attract people to watch and increase their exposure, which could be considered viral marketing. Until now, there have been a variety of companies specializing in interactive video production, and even individuals can easily make interactive video on YouTube.

The types of

2. interactive video

interactive video can be broadly divided into 3 categories:

class 1: customizable

interactive video of this kind (of interactive video, the same below) allows the user to adjust the variable elements while watching video, but the video itself is still linear, which makes everyone see the video are the same, and are not the same. The Look Around interactive version of the MV mentioned at the beginning is the type of representation (music video doesn’t change the paragraph as the user hits it, it’s played all the time, just because everyone sees a different room). The most basic experience is when the video is viewed, the mouse moves to an object to display the object’s information tag, which is the most common