Several risks that local stations have to face

recently read a lot about local portal station, such as the prospects for development, promotion and other operations, in fact, local stations in recent years are the focus of attention of the individual owners, the popularity of the future development trend is also the consensus about the network, the Internet is the last piece of virgin land has not yet been captured, causing many owners into the local station in view of this situation, blindly I think it necessary to rush on like a swarm of hornets, analysis of current status of the local station, reduce the time and energy people blind investment, choose to do what is right, not only do always rushed in the front of the pioneer sacrifice blindly, and the fruits of victory was behind the interest group set foot in your body forward by stealing, naught results, so to solve this problem, I think everyone has stood in the place before, Necessary to know, in fact, the local station profit is not easy, but also facing enormous risks.

local gateway station faces great risk:

1, the strong competitors. For example, do first to yourself to do local station domain assessment station before, whether you have had the advantage of the domain name, if not that is likely to end up in the wedding dress for others to do next, because you do not take into account the good domain with user experience and brand effect well, if the local stations have a good domain name and do very strong, you start the competition will be lost.

followed by your opponent has strong advantages in resources, such as local hotline, such sites are generally local telecom operation site, with strong capital, content, and environment support and advantage, how can you compete with them, so you get into it, only to die.

2, the lack of copyright disputes and content. Local portal to gather information, but the personal station or a small team without so much manpower and energy to collect information, and this is just the local news network is strong, so the content source is the biggest defects of individual local station, also determines the local news network must be strong so, individual local websites are restricted in many places.

In addition

personal business place is not able to put the news content, you should know where the personal website did not interview right and press the right, it is illegal to reprint the news first, second reprint news network news, will constitute copyright issues.

3, forums, blogs, questions,.

we all know now the network speech is free, but freedom does not mean that you can make dirty, illegal information, such as blog forum, this kind of site is to handle the relevant license, very troublesome, also not necessarily can do well, but if the forum, blog appears illegal information. The administrator did not promptly removed, causing a bad influence, the consequences will be grievous, light warning, while closing the site.

network is the media, and in modern society is more and more important media, most countries have always been to control the media, the network is a double-edged sword, control is good thing