My website my dream DZ local community profitability


maybe yourself with the computer and network is the fate, 06 years of junior high school I am obsessed with computer games, high school in 2000, the school opened a computer class, in a game in the school district, used to do a FrontPage2000 now looks very simple site, had the region’s first professional university; natural selection computer;

graduated a few years ago, busy with work, and he has only one personal blog, every day to write something, remember that time blog named "snot pig", the procedure is PJblog, did not want to make money;

later began to visit all kinds of webmaster websites, A5, A5 forums and so on. When they saw that websites could make money, they began to study SEO and study various CMS programs.

in 2009, and started their own "home, the domain name is, mainly discusses the related knowledge of DIV+CSS, web pages and everyone, this website after the 2 revision, spent a lot of time and energy, to earn 100 dollars, and later because of their busy work effort can not keep up, slowly give up


until 2011, when he was nearly 30 years old, do not want to work part-time, I want to do something by myself. At this point I have no money, no connections, no business experience, consider their own conditions, but also on the site there are special skills, and their love of website production and operation;

The Internet applications of

2011 is rich, the things that we do not have that ability, even if there is no good creative resources, difficult to manage their own ideas; analyzes the various types of Internet sites, taking into account the long, there is more potential market, is a local website a good choice;

I thought the

website is, first determine a direction, then insist; because it is the cause of their own, so do what are more detailed work, a 12 point night was still in front of the computer work that is a regular thing;

station is of course early market research, where their city is located in Shandong, Dongying, is the oil city, here is the largest oil field, Sinopec Shengli Oilfield, the current annual output of 28 million tons of oil in Dongying oilfield; population 2 million, 300 thousand employees, 2 District 3 county population distribution, economic structure and so on are doing a lot of understanding;

: the local peer group to do the first website, like real estate, the classified information has been very mature, and I am not too optimistic about the local station classification information, although the classification of information station can have a relatively high flow (relative), but this website lacks stickiness, advertising value is also low community forum some, and in 58, go to the market, people like the station, survival more difficult, more classification information is also not very mature development program;

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