Key methods to obtain traffic seven Q & a training and development

SEO for when it comes to quiz training and development, we will directly think of Baidu know, Baidu is actually not only know that we can go to the training and use, there are a lot of quiz site for our SEO to provide convenient, of course, to facilitate others at the same time convenient with their own, grasp the "win-win" concept sure, the user experience. The following details:

I, cage question and answer resources.

1, Q & a resources collection

know, ask questions, including resources, following the departure of SEO summarizes the following major questions address for you, of course here only ask the class name, the specific need SEO enthusiasts to collect yourself.

(Baidu know; question; Sina Search ask; love; ask Sohu; Qihoo ask; Google answers; quiz; gold online quiz; know the ocean; Hua Jun ask.


2, question and answer class resource selection.

cage resources, we must be on resource selection, what resources we can skillfully use, what resources are limited, to get a clear idea of their mode of operation, only in this way can we effectively and purposefully operation.

two, question and answer resources training.

1, ID registration: while screening resources we have to sign up on all kinds of resources, suggestions at the beginning of a resource registration of 5 ID or so, it will not only facilitate our operation, but also to avoid blocked ID.

Improvement of

2, ID data: we ID want to exist for a long time, we need to improve our data, according to the specific product to register, or according to the specific industry to register, improve the information on behalf of our attention to the resources, SEO itself is a meticulous work, so as detailed in detail a little development.

3, ID related subsidiary perfect: every question and answer resource will have the blog, forum and so on the space for you, this must make good use of, it will also be our question and answer class resources soft guidance important resources. So be sure to run your blog and forum. Here, I recommend you to read my blog "training, development and forum training and development"

4 training, meticulous

answer: a lot of resources are needed to develop early, don’t worry, enrichment, mainly in the public answer, play to your strengths, try to find time to help people solve problems, to let more people remember your questions. Personal advice, do not keep so many numbers, 5 or so enough, when you raise the number of good, you can use it slightly.

5, training skills: let you ask ID to upgrade quickly, we need to do the task, to join the team, such as Baidu know, there will be a task to do the task, light can be directly upgraded to level 3, if you join the team, the team will do the task of upgrading more.