Analysis of brand extension model of nternet Science and technology company

shape about the brand, different owners will have different opinions and practices, specifically how to operate, or according to the actual situation of everyone, but others set up the brand of the road we have to draw lessons from it? This is some absolute, after all, as long as the experience, we can discard the dross and select the essence then, the same as the Internet grassroots how can we learn from what technology heavyweights to brand building of the road


main and sub brand model

said the Deputy brand model, I think the most representative is Lenovo, because everyone in the initial impression, Lenovo represents PC, represents the computer, and now the Lenovo name card has more than the title, because Lenovo made full of vigor and vitality in PC business at the same time, it is a national leader in intelligent mobile phone, the mobile phone market share in the country after samsung. This is clearly a blessing Lenovo brand building mode, through the development of this very distinctive features, the mobile Internet and traditional Internet organically together, and according to the characteristics of the product is divided into different construction sector, making Lenovo resources can be maximized, makes the Lenovo brand influence directly from the traditional computer directly jumped to hardware technology companies, this is clearly the direction of our learning.

diversified brand development model

a webmaster can only do a kind of website? Obviously not, now many Webmaster Station, Du Bo, navigation station even PW website together, can be said that this is the brand All flowers bloom together., development on the other one focus of diversification, diversification and said you have to mention NOKIA. However, NOKIA said, the domestic friends know more it is the mobile phone, in fact, in Finland, NOKIA is a collection of the company, which owns a mobile phone company is not only to do, but also do papermaking, chemical, pharmaceutical and military do, can be said to be a hundred-percent multinationals this is NOKIA’s diversified development mode, it is foreseeable that if one day lumia series mobile phone suck, then NOKIA also won’t collapse, because NOKIA has been established Diversified brand strategy, and it is also the world’s first in tire production using low aromatic petroleum raw materials company.

integrated brand model

The so-called

integration development mode of the brand, brand is actually from a certain aspect of the industry chain directly into the whole production process, in which the most representative of IKEA, IKEA as a Home Furnishing brand, its 20000 kinds of products all have their own patents and brands, the marketing channel is also the home to say the count, on top of this, apple and IKEA are very similar, but the particularity of technology companies, so apple can not fully grasp all the conditions of development. However, the integration of brand development also has its own limitations, because integration means that you have to pay great attention to R & D, investment and management, and the risk is great.

brand equity expansion