Forum speed optimization

below is my business forum for many years to improve the speed of access to some experience, I hope all of you help.

affect the speed of the forum access factors, nothing more than pictures, attachments, home calls to these, I will not say the program.

below are on these kinds of talk about my forum optimization raiders.

first adds a variable to the public file in the forum, such as CONN.ASP, assigning it to

The advantage of

assignment is that you can modify the address in bulk later. At the same time set the domain name of a pan resolution, so you can always modify the host head

Then a new


1. picture optimization

    there is the forum user avatar, a lot of people upload is large, dynamic avatar, access speed can be imagined.

    in this case, the measure we take is to put all of the picture access into another web, such as

  boardid=42& replyid=726962& Id=45225& page=1& skin=0& Star=1

  replaces avatar addresses with

through programs

  where is the part of the variable value that you start defining.