Accurate positioning of the site to create a new starting point of profit two

Hello, everyone. I’m maple. In my 3 article, I talked about some of the personal profiles of pinpoint sites, visitors, and the core content of the web site. Today I continued with my last article. Do the above example also said the family network.

, when we do the station, if we reach the precise positioning of visitors and content of the website, the website will concentrate on a certain aspect of the user, or a certain area. For example, the last examples of art, we only for certain provinces or cities, as the most suitable for the local examinee information and content, make them the fastest and most convenient to find what they want. Do not go to order many times, the mouse search many times, but also can not find what you want. In this way, we can gradually integrate the users of a province or region into a website. In the nature of visitors, they are of the same kind.

when we do this when we step the value of the site has been very high, such as my Henan Arts Network (, this is my two days before the start. When a website can unite users in an area. The value of the site in this area is very high, for example. For example, we covered the Zhengzhou City website, in the construction of the main face of the candidates in Zhengzhou, in terms of content selection, and so on, but also for this purpose. Then there will be a considerable amount of local students on the site. Some studios, training institutions, training schools and so on. They are very suitable for advertising on our website. And the effect will be pretty good. Because the accuracy is high. Visitors to each site are the users they want to meet. The higher the effect, the higher our value. The value of advertising agencies is also high. Our earnings will be high, too.

this type of station is actually a lot better, such as a gardening network, for Shandong, IP 500. To print a message on it is 30 yuan a day. A commission for a single transaction is 3%. A year is said to be around 200 thousand profit. Gardening, a single business, at least tens of thousands. There are many, many stations like this.

said these may be known to all, and I’m just talking about my feelings. If you can get something, then I’m very happy. Hope everybody IP much. Much income,


tomorrow, continue to publish on diversification, create a diversified profit point article. Hope you like it.