Make personal websites and enterprise websites profitable

found in the articles on operations and marketing in my website that both personal and corporate stations are having problems.

individual station pays too much attention to traffic, and most enterprise website basically is a beautiful online business card, without network sale value.

one, personal website

in various webmaster BBS, we often can see such a title "X months to get X million IP experience", "how to get X million IP in X months". Similar articles are very popular, and the quantity of reading and commenting is very much.

I don’t understand why no one asks, how much value did you create in your hands with tens of thousands of IP? Is the value created by you directly proportional to your IP amount or effort?

traffic is money, isn’t it?. Flow is cost, flow is pressure. In the website without a reasonable profit model, the greater the flow, the higher the cost. If the traffic can not be converted into profitability as soon as possible, the result can only be overwhelmed by the closure of the site.

both individuals and businesses, we want is a thing, that is money. With the existing traffic, the biggest exchange for money is our purpose.

in this respect, the website statistics system, network marketing knowledge, search engine optimization, knowledge website crime is better.

‘s famous statistical site, "I want," is a web site owner. It is in the placement of advertising profits, while using "I want" this platform to promote their domain name hosting business.

the following pictures are "I want", promotion domain name host business advertisement position




again look at Wang Tong’s Web Operations and marketing website group.

network marketing planning (, network planning (, search engine optimization training ( and search engine optimization Association ( is in the company’s marketing promotion planning, operational planning, training business.

their profit model is the transformation of existing effective traffic into products and services. Individual stationmaster should learn them more, according to the product in hand and service do station, use the method of website to popularize the product of his hand and service.

if you have no product in hand, take care of the people around you. What business are your relatives and friends doing? Can you use Internet marketing to create more value, even if you sell only 1-2 items per month?