Give webmaster advice your life grasp

02 years in the provincial key middle school high school I felt like doing repeat personal web page is a lot of fun, especially for girls, then "with many special effects, brightly coloured, add a mm Name, it is enough to make a mm happy several days.


do need space, I looked everywhere for the free space, the beginning is to find Xilu, a free forum to build community, later found out that my 02 years in a famous university second school was admitted, a finding from behind the street street advertising, advertising can be called the happy house. 200M free space, in a happy house, I was very lucky to meet the dragons, yxxx, 91free, BingQ, davidyin and a number of commercial street administrator, I also became a street advertising manager.

03 in the summer I came home from school, had just graduated from technical secondary school near my brother in Guangdong, Jiangmen, he said that my summer vacation home is not fun, let me go there to play, I see my mother often run the cafe and let me go. When I arrived in Jiangmen, my brother took me to his house. He said he was introducing me to a company called franchise chain, and I was quickly placed under house arrest. Later I learned that this was illegal pyramid scheme. My card was searched by them, and there was my tuition at the University for one year. There has been half inhuman day, 03 years in November, my brother and I are in the two mm once ran out together to Guangzhou, the larger mm into her brother-in-law open small mm and my younger brother with the company, I found a motorcycle company to do a three coordinate programmer.

in the company can often use the Internet, use self-study, I quickly learned HTML and ASP, learned to use keyword to cheat quickly improve website access, at that time 3721 is the best keyword cheating search engines. A new web site to do a few days tens of thousands of IP, later renamed happy house publishers, under the leadership of the dragons, the original can get rich IP using AdSense into dollars, was that happy, but then the price is very high, click a few tenths of dollars or even a few dollars, tens of thousands of IP sites make hundreds of dollars a day, every day with a AdSense account snickered. Later, the number of websites increased slowly. In the second half of the 04 year, although I was promoted to be a manager of the company, I still quit my job. After I quit my job, I shared the server with people everywhere. At this time, I had more than 100 websites. It is worth mentioning that my AdSense account has never been penalized, thanks to the ad street.

to 07 years in February, AdSense price more and more outrageous, so I slowly turn off their own website, back to my home after a few years, in the home town that we haven’t had a computer sales and repair shop in town, but almost every family has a computer, so I rented a shop the use of the network, friends, contact agents, manufacturers, purchase decoration. At the same time to listen to friends that the stock market fluctuate, securities companies to open the door, do business during the day and night.