Earn the most money with a limited P

       ;     this article is mainly for the website, the monthly income of the following webmaster to see, experts don’t laugh. My personal experience does not necessarily help you much, welcome to post your exchange, share with you.

1. adds PV

is also the station of day 1000IP, generally do 10 thousand PV, more than 2000PV earn more than twice the money. There are many ways to increase PV (in fact, the most critical thing is to let users like your website). Say some of my methods:

in one article, mention another related article on the station, with links. Although many of the web site’s article page shows "related articles" function, but the effect is far less than the article mentioned in the text of the relevant articles. For example, an article about SEO, mentioned how to build a 10 thousand IP within a month, and attached links, and this link or station articles, click rate is quite high.

pages with large amount of access, with small amount of pages. For example, before I have a few keywords, in Baidu’s ranking is not bad, and users through keyword search, directly into my content page, but often read that page and left. Later, I used the recommended articles and other methods to improve the PV. For example, if my station "breast enhancement method" this keyword in Baidu fifth, and that is an internal page (called A page), "weight loss method" in Baidu ten pages can not find. So I recommend in the top of the A page "diet" article, because it may also be of interest to the user, so click rate is also high, pay attention to those recommended articles to open links in a new window "(details, must pay attention to these details oh).

the content of the front page should be emphasized. Grab the eyeballs of your target customers and provide the content they need. This I do not say more, each station is different, their analysis of access statistics in the key words on the line.

unless you really have the strength to do the station, otherwise don’t make very large version of portal, a large version of the content, looks very rich, but the user does not know what is good. Well, there seems to be no need for it. Give you × directly.

2. optimized ad

, first of all, is the choice of alliances and advertising. Tell me something about the league I know.

Google click on the billing ads can generally automatically match, but fortunately, the collection of trouble, and I do mainly entertainment stations, the unit price is low, I gave up. I believe many webmaster friends doing this, but also more experienced than I have, skip.

Ali mom’s advertising has not been so accurate, when the new ad position, keyword fill in seriously, there are always some ads and your web site content, and strive for click through rate of 2% of PV. There is an average of 0.1 yuan per click