How to deal with a registered domain name after registration

I said two days ago, I bought a China name in the domain name "". This domain name later I found that not only did the query station (05-06), and through the ICP filing website, and found its record number (domain name 06 years of record, record number is Su ICP No. 06002387), maybe there are a lot of people have encountered the kind of situation that fall out of domain name registration, found this domain name or so.

what are we going to do about the domain name,


1, sell. The basic purpose of domain name registration is divided into two kinds, one is the future in order to sell a good price, one is to do with the station. If you use this domain name to make you feel bad, you can sell it. This is my domain name with the price of 100 yuan in China hung renamed to sell, I believe there must be alert to buy.

2, do station. Old domain names have advantages, and there is no need to speak much.

but there are still several situations that need to be done:

A, using the record number of the original owner of the domain name – this seems a bit out of place. However, there are now a lot of registered domain names, and then sold to others for the record station, so it seems understandable. Under reasonable circumstances, since the original domain owner has given up the domain name, it should also log off the original record.

B ICP, to record the site email information, apply for the cancellation of the original filing number, filing and otherwise do stand, so people have done, but also by the competent authorities.

C, using foreign servers to do the station, in this case, there is no need to consider the record thing.

D, and the former domain owner contacts, so that he provides "bazs.cert" filing documents, of course, the premise is to provide certain remuneration, so that the results become a record for others, you do the station. (Hongyi,