From website beauty to medical beauty website profit Road

: "give me a fulcrum to move the earth," I said. "The Internet gives me a profit. I can grow and grow.


, like many people, never understands a little, understands, talks, and eventually gets back to the point. This time he begins to think about why he has become a member of millions of fallen websites.

from that as long as the interface looks good, do good beauty website can attract people to find the point of success can maintain the website, a website of friends to do good and close the browser a lot of people are experiencing the same pain! Not to mention Baidu runs the most simple but keep alive a bunch of people Robin Li there are many websites, in China very simple interface has become an independent school in the industry, instead of IT many enthusiastic people, once into the next IT elite dream, do not see how the website in earnings, but the website how good-looking, easy to use, the interface is outstanding, first I do not deny that the interface looks good the website is good, but tens of thousands of spam sites that grow up


a moment of impulse on the achievement of a garbage site, 5 minutes of collecting OK! The interface is pretty, a lot of content, so it is flooded with China’s Internet, and strengthen the Internet!


good websites need good profit points, give me a fulcrum, I can move the earth, apply to the rules of the website!


had many beautiful art [personal homepage] to be a programmer to [open source change] is done to optimize the ability to make a lot of things [final] fudge robot ignores the ultimate audience of these sites — one is


look at the website, after all, people, not machines,


your website finally give users what the user is left to you what! Far away! The website finally returned to the earnings of the road: analysis of website users of your final choice of the medical industry, the selection of a group of people, a group of beauty through the website

your life! To create its own web site open medicine ( a user needs to beautify their own will be able to achieve practical activities through the network platform for the one I can beautify your life will be able to achieve the information you desire


a good website may need a good interface, but need more profitable! For the sake of users is the personal website where the future of building a website, a website to be profitable to consider the following points:

brand requirements: what industry do you need, what resources you need, or what resources you need to build? What role does your website play on the Internet?. User requirements: the core point, you have done a market survey did not? Interface looks good, not necessarily that users will need


sales demand: is there a long-term demand for the goods or services offered by the web? (the medicine has and has a long term) and converts these 4 points into business on your site