Does the site have a high profile to make money

at the outset, this post is caused by Mr. Mou Changqing’s view on the new micro. Without bias, prejudice and personal attack


this is the case: Xu Wu said in the new micro: "low key, stop, make a lot of money."". Mr. Mou back: "low-key site to make money, most of them are bad sites, or can not see the light of the site.". Real formal website, want to have popularity, can not low-key".

small Europe saw at that time just have a kind of feeling, want to vomit blood,


Mr. Mou may have misunderstood, that little deliberately not with him, in fact, before we know, who do not know who, without a public hatred. No, you are engaged in website promotion, small Europe is to engage in SEO, have no relevance than. If it’s a little similar, maybe we’re all mixed up on the internet.

yesterday, because of the blog advertising matters, we discussed for a long time, small European 7788 sprayed a lot, not yet wait for Mou brother has an accurate reply, we met again today. What a fool.

website only high-profile to make money? In other words, want to make money site must be high-profile, not necessarily ~ ~ here depends on how you understand the high-profile, not someone else knows you, that you are very high profile. For example, the Moonlight blog, small Europe that he and his blog are very low-key, not the kind of crazy bombing shoving thrust. Little Europe knows that this blog is quoted in the community again and again, rather than post it on the pole and attach it to the walkway, so that you can see it with your head down.

Moonlight blog does not write blogs to promote itself. Many times I have been able to search related technologies on Google for the moonlight blog. Here, we need to pay attention to: netizens automatically find the door, not someone pushed the door to the moon. The high profile that little European thinks is to label yourself everywhere and say, "I can do it, I can do that, but when I really need you, I can’t find you." and low key is the opposite.

in brief, the low key is everybody pushes you, the high profile is you alone pushes you. I don’t know if I made myself clear.

there is a point, Mr. Mou said very cruel, low-key site to make money, most of them are bad sites, or can not see the light of the site". Ha ha ~ a website to make money, you do not go through investigation, how to know? Hao123 is very bright, very light, if not Wang Tong wrote that ox post, how many people can know that hao123 has been quietly making big money,


of course, standing in Mou Changqing’s view, it is not true! Mr. Mou logic is this: a web site, you want to make money, you have to let people know what you are? How to let people know? It should publicize everywhere everywhere to say it is everywhere! All people do not pull the wind profile? So Mr. Mou out conclusion.

, Xiao Ou would like to make a sincere suggestion, brother ye, we are all mixed up