Eight education training website simple contrast

recently, because of the work and learning needs, looking for some training institutions to contact matters of cooperation. The vast network, searching to find some education training sites, special finishing are summarized, for later use in Hong Mai! Thanks to the education offered me a large number of training institutions, let me work a tiger with wings added

, ha ha!

1.http://s.zhaosheng.com/ China Recruitment Network

: the name of the domain name is very loud! But it seems the content of the web site is around the entrance of news information and learning materials without enrollment platform, a bit sorry so loud name


advantage: the name is loud enough, news, information and advertising.

2.http://s.taoke.com/ Amoy course network

deficiency: only business management training, curriculum is not comprehensive, many courses do not have. And most courses are now limited to major cities like Shanghai. Need to sign up through the site, can not see the agency contact, can not be directly linked with the training institutions.

advantages: for business management training, more courses in Shanghai.

3.http://s.ezjy.cn/ easy to teach network training navigation

: perhaps is the initial stage. Although the number of agencies is huge but close to 50 thousand the number of courses but also released deficiencies are updated every day this much appreciated and contact the institutions have a variety of online customer service, telephone number, e-mail and even QQ MSN have the


advantages: rich information in institutions, true and effective contact methods, contact methods are diverse,

4.http://s.px365.com/ day training network

: is mainly for management training courses, more of a look this website and browse the amateur, found that there are a considerable number of pages open phenomenon, the update is not timely.

advantage: good name, good study, day day up.

5.http://s.114study.com/’s education network

shortage: only for the Shanghai area, institutions only those well-known chain training institutions, the degree of openness is not enough,


advantage: it is said that online registration offers a discount, but it seems that the range of offers is not very attractive.

6.http://s.kuxue.com/ into

deficiency: it seems to be extremely rich, and a long line of sorting at the top estimates that there’s a lot of learning resources, but it doesn’t seem like a feature. It’s not cool, if it’s just simple learning