How to open a micro shop to get the first batch of customers

as we do business in the shop, if there is the first batch of customer transactions, the latter all the cause of the development of natural good to do up. As the saying goes: everything is difficult at the beginning. How to quickly get the first batch of customers, is the difficulty and focus of micro shop management. However, for a number of micro shop owner, how to get the first batch of customers at the same time is still a problem, the following, let Xiaobian to introduce some methods.

if there is no order for a long time, I believe that a lot of people’s confidence and passion will be exhausted. And whether it can quickly get the first batch of customers, and the promotion of the work is in place has a great relationship. In general, as long as the following points, you can easily get the first batch of micro shop customers.

1. with the power of acquaintances

in the early operation of the micro store, the owner alone to promote the individual, it is difficult to open up the situation, because a person’s social circle, after all, limited. If the use of acquaintances to help themselves to promote, the product effect will immediately show up.

we say "Acquaintances", including relatives, friends, classmates and colleagues, etc.. Requests to them are generally not rejected. Even a general acquaintance may be "polite" to help you in his social circle (QQ, WeChat, micro-blog, etc.) to forward your shop or commodity links. Close to the people, but also through more channels to help you promote.

of course, these acquaintances, there will be someone directly into your customers, and later in the promotion for you, they will add their own user experience, so that the promotion will become more credible. It should be noted that the acquaintance is to support you to buy goods, they can not be regarded as the real sense of the first batch of customers.

according to the famous American salesman Joe · Gilad summed up the "250 law", everyone knows about the acquaintance of about 250. Think about it, if there are 10% of your acquaintances to help you promote, acquaintances acquaintances and there are 10% people to help you promote…… Snowball roll down, how large its body!

when we come to help you carry out micro shop promotion, each forwarding information to promote the people of the overlapping circles, will allow more people to know your micro shop, the first batch of customers may produce.

2. find target customers

spread the net may not be able to catch the fish, only the election of the waters, in order to net more fish. The same is true for promotion, if you are simply not to promote your micro shop and goods, may usher in the first customer, but it is difficult to usher in the first batch of customers.

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