Discussion on new mode of City discount card operation

many local stations are doing consumer discount card, is nothing more than a circle of many businesses, and then use the site itself, the popularity of large-scale propaganda to sell cards to generate income; or to find a buyer, mark logo in the surface of the card printed on the card, make money from big buyers, card free delivery.

I said the new model does not know whether to run, but it solves the cost, integrity, publicity, three major problems, and truly achieve sustainable development in harmony. The specific way is to join dozens of businesses, each a few hundred dollars, and then each family hundreds of cards out of sale.

cost: if there are 20 businesses, each out 500 dollars, business card costs and some maintenance should be enough, and their shop name printed on the card surface. For each distributor, the card is valid for one year. Why let merchants sell cards? Because if it can do so, it is the road of sustainable development, such as merchants sell 2 dollars that he can earn a piece, is easy to continue to sell into the card card, the money we earn. Limit one year is to update the card face businesses, businesses closed more, oh, the card is constantly changing before you can update the name of the above business.

: This is the equivalent of collateral, credit card by the merchant to sell, he didn’t admit that card? Like those who pull thousands by direct selling card, you set up a telephone complaints, you are not Industrial and Commercial Bureau! What to businesses. Businesses ignore you and ye say? You come over hundreds of thousands of businesses to maintain


propaganda: do not have to put into propaganda, that is, each shop a poster on it. Another is to use web sites to squeeze popularity and traffic. The contrast of thousands of million people in the family card, the cost of the province, you too.

sum up: I don’t know if I can make it clear. Admin5 friends give some suggestions. I think they need more local businesses. Then, the website should have some influence and appeal.

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