Those who buy advertisements and hang horses actually

576736833, 20:05:57

excuse me, are you’s advertising contact,


Walker 20:37:03


vortex survive 20:37:54

, I’m the advertising director of I just opened the game station. I want to put an advertisement picture in your station.

vortex survive 20:38:51

would you please tell me the location of the home page or the whole station?

Walker 20:38:51

Oh, I have an advertisement for Ali’s mom on my website.

vortex survive 20:39:52

can I ask you directly,


vortex survive 20:40:13

I’d like to have monthly rates for advertising,

Walker 20:40:38

yes. Home right now put Ali mom’s advertising there.

vortex survive 20:41:29

how much is this position for a month?

Walker 20:41:49

$600 a month.

vortex survive 20:42:24


more expensive than the packet

Walker 20:47:24

600 is the cheapest.

vortex survive 20:48:13

picture size specifications say

Walker 20:48:25


vortex survive 20:49:48

well, I’ll try it for a month,

Walker 20:50:08

how would you like to pay,


Walker 20:52:32



vortex survive 20:54:36


or Alipay

Walker 20:55:05

Oh, both, OK.

When does

start to launch,


vortex survive 20:55:45

I’m going to call it technology now