Specialization is the most important thing in the development of personal websites

The ancients said:

industry specializing in surgery, it is still used in the current practical.

a lot of people know that, but on their own they are often confused. He said do it, what type of website, many owners choose a direction, and constantly enrich, wait until the site really developed a running start, found that the content is too much, it is not easy to do, waste of energy, after all, only small boat U-turn. So, back to consider whether the site is full or dedicated starting line.

, let’s look at some examples of life. Many people know Motom, know this brand of trousers do very well, fine workmanship, high quality, it has "trousers experts" reputation, I believe in the trousers industry, it is difficult to do it. However, it is not the only Motom absolute trousers, jacket, casual wear, and. Motom other types of products also received praise, because many consumers will want to, since Motom trousers do good, other things is certainly not bad. A professional product to drive the entire production line, brand value to promote other products. For example, Kangshifu, the earliest known Kangshifu product is the side, consumers believe that the recognition of this product, and gradually recognized the brand, but also accept the brand of other products. Now there are Kangshifu, green tea, black tea, biscuits and so on. From a product, expanded to the entire production line, developed into a group model.

from the above example, it is easy to see that many large group companies are from small start, and then bigger and stronger. If you want to do everything at first, you will fail. Not only are people’s energy limited, funds are limited, advertising investment is limited, we can only make use of limited resources to do some urgent things.

              for example, recently seen this website, this website for help with www.daqiuzhu.cn, although in the Internet, but success, the development of brain, network marketing, computer technology etc. these contents are not falling. The site does not have a flagship project, no main push products, lack of features. Such sites are difficult to retain users, more difficult to develop, positioning is very vague, and no target users. No target users, how to analyze the user psychology, development planning website? For help website currently traffic is not high, the user viscosity is poor, this is inevitable, there is no professional website of things, the lack of its own value, but also doomed to be out of the market! Suggest the webmaster can be adjusted from the professional point of view, do specific project development drives other categories.

webmaster often referred to Baidu, the biggest Chinese search engine, it is not a beginning so perfect, remember, "Rome was not built in a day"! Now Baidu has Baidu space, Baidu, Baidu, Baidu Post Bar MP3, Baidu encyclopedia, news and Information Center, etc.. But in 1999, when Baidu was founded, its project was >