College master easily monthly income over 10000 way to talk about

found the hot phenomenon: the development of College Students’ easy stationmaster income over a million of the fine arts college entrance examination site and profit model, the webmaster A5, everybody is good, today I for an idea, this idea can let you marry a wife to buy a car, if you have the judgment and insight in this area, of course I just expressed a phenomenon like the last century in 70s, set up a stall in Shenzhen, are now millionaires, so seize the opportunity is very important, so that the opportunity is too meaningful!

case study: (Art of college entrance examination network ultimate profit plan)

art college entrance examination is one of the special mode of the college entrance examination, because in this way, admitted to key universities the opportunity is very large, such as the test of Beijing Film Academy, as long as the culture is divided into about 410 professional on the OK, so that the art college entrance examination is getting hot, all over the country continue to spread the art college entrance examination amazing growth rate, so how to these special network effects brought by the

army college entrance?

we can Baidu search, Baidu ranked in the fine arts college entrance examination, the top three websites, monthly advertising fees over 100 thousand, advertising can not be met, all full, almost all is the first screen advertising, so business opportunities and opportunities here! According to the effective analysis of the fine arts college entrance examination will also hot for at least 7 years! Well, I want to talk about today is here! The students can easily master the income of over 10000


first, dispel your doubts, that is, do not need very high technology, CMS will be used to, how can online data, the row in front of the station all the collection, note that after the acquisition, the local bar title in the database, or volume replacement, a pseudo original, after you update you know how to do it, we can also see my station, Wuhan art network is according to the above method out of the whole, I wrote an earnings before the article, mainly for studio advertising, the price is really high, you do, you will find a surprise, a month in 2200 about too simple, of course, you look at the way of publicity, let the studio and parents trust you, after the website resources will slowly collect data must be better, such as high PV.

I of Wuhan fine arts network (launched in March, almost no tube, is every day to send a few articles (resources can find more is the Baidu, of course) now I began to do what others, not the same, I build a Wuhan studio address: http://s. which gathered all Wuhan’s studio, this idea is very good, a lot of studio calls can be added to. So, you should understand,

In fact,

profit model has a lot of thinking, change purse will change, I express an idea and observe a social phenomenon, and try to put it on the concept of sustainable development, a little thinking sparks, welcome to communicate together! The most bright street the most conspicuous advertising > mouth