Micro store Tencent micro blog flow realizable Road

is the "3B war" is hot, Qihoo 360 companies take the initiative to provoke a war, its purpose is to want to cash flow of 360 great browser brings better. In the Internet industry, there is such a formula: user = flow = money. Tencent, micro-blog is relying on the QQ client hundreds of millions of users to bring huge traffic, traffic will have to find ways to make it better into money. As early as May 2001, sina CEO Cao Guowei said micro-blog may exist six business models, which are interactive advertising, social games, real-time search, wireless value-added services, e-commerce platform and digital content. And Tencent micro-blog launched micro stores, which is one of the e-commerce platform, want to make its huge flow better realized, in order to achieve micro-blog profit model.

micro-blog has been called one of the three major battles by Tencent CEO Ma Huateng (the other two are wireless Internet and security). Many people in the industry called Tencent did not do electricity supplier genes, despite its long-term electricity supplier in the field of throwing money, but has been no improvement, but Tencent is still unremitting efforts. For micro-blog, the electricity supplier, Tencent want to make it better integration, and then launched a micro store.

micro stores, is a new e-commerce model based on micro-blog, provide entrance a shopping for consumers on micro-blog, for enterprises, can be through the micro stores and consumer brand interaction, expand its brand influence. At present, the Tencent micro stores with forwarding interactive features of micro-blog, has joined the group purchase price, micro broadcast and popular micro stores, collar coupons and other electronic business mode.


I guess, Tencent launched micro stores, just its first step into the community of e-commerce, in order to build a full range of community-based e-commerce platform, Tencent has been silent in planning. The goal of Tencent is to provide a universal network traffic platform, and the key point is how to improve the conversion rate of e-commerce through the interaction between friends.

from the global Internet market, social e-commerce has achieved certain results, social media will become an important gateway to the Internet traffic. Data display. 42% overseas buyers through Facebook, Twitter focus on corporate brands, domestic brands for how micro-blog profit is very interested in, appear at the same time micro stores are a good way to a direct cash flow micro-blog Tencent.

At present, the Tencent

micro store = shopping guide platform + business marketing platform, if the Tencent want to micro stores to build into a community business, I believe that in the near future will launch a one-stop payment service, so that users can directly on micro-blog to complete the transaction process, because the only way to make huge traffic to micro-blog Tencent a better realization, hope on the road traffic of Tencent micro-blog

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