How does personal website make profit in 2010

2010 is a year of rapid expansion in the Internet market. Why do you say that, according to authoritative agencies this year, China’s personal website has broken through, and 110 million?. This is a concept, which is equivalent to ten people, there is a person, there is a web site. Then so many website owners to do I think is to profit through the website! Under so much competition, 2010 personal website how to profit: This is a topic of our discussion today.

here we introduced several methods:

first: do industry website, use professional service to make profit,

industry is talking about a variety of resources and help in an industry, so do such a web site to understand this industry, there is a relatively strong foundation. It is better to have many years of work experience, profound professional knowledge, as well as extraordinary innovation and research ability. Therefore, the requirements of the webmaster is also very high.

second: to make the latest, the only content, relying on members to profit

does this kind of website, such as fashion trends, clothing exchanges, the most popular job exchange and training, non mainstream products, game exchange or trading platform. There is, as we SEO the industry, only the teacher is optimistic about the prospects of the industry such as do SEOWHY, do now is one of the best in the SEO world, ha ha!!! This is the member to profit model.

third: brand platform

in fact, there are a lot of successful websites in this way, such as Alibaba, Taobao, eBay, which is a very good example. Provide buyers and sellers with an intermediate platform for transactions to allow more people to buy and sell goods through these platforms. Then collect service charge according to the transaction volume.

fourth: is to do flow station, advertising profit

this is the most profitable method for webmasters, but there are too many people doing it. Of course, not ordinary people can do, a web site to really rely on advertising to profit, no less than the site is to have a lot of access to IP. Do this flow station to the webmaster, to have considerable strength, and not a can do, because the amount of traffic update is very large, to a very dedicated team can do it.

above four is the oldest site profit model, of course, is the most used. Here we also introduce several new methods of website profit, very suitable for our individual webmaster.

number 1: Taobao

with the increasing volume of Taobao transactions, we can bring guests through Taobao shop, through transactions, and then we charge fees. This method is very suitable for our individual webmaster, because the technical requirements of the site is not very high, the site is also very good management.

second: Goo>