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I’ve always believed that Craig’s many right things to do, and ten years to delete junk ads, are the most important and important factors for Craigslist’s success.

this involves a concept called broken window theory. It’s about the warehouse. If one of the windows breaks and doesn’t mend in time, all the windows will be broken soon. Even this mess will hit the streets that it is facing, making it a breeding ground for crime. Because even a broken window creates a hint of "lack of order" and tells everyone there is no one here and invites everyone to do more damage.

crime psychologist Kelling and Wilson really is a genius, was observed in the small city such as graffiti, permit advertising, forced begging, sign is ignited more serious crimes, like a broken window, causing further confusion (said here is very worried about what is now Shanghai).

crime in New York

Tipping Point, this book refers to the crime rate in New York 10 years ago. In 80s, New York’s public order was on the verge of collapse. In the city, there are an average of two thousand homicides each year, 600 thousand major cases. The subway is a hell, 1984 New York each subway compartment from top to bottom, from the inside to the outside covered in graffiti. All kinds of crimes in the subway have made New York people dare not take the subway, and the subway ride rate has dropped to a low point in history.

I remember the New York I saw on TV when I was in elementary school. It’s the book. When I was in New York three years ago, to be honest, I was a little surprised to see the car without any graffiti. I guess the subway train at that time should be no better than the wall in the picture below.

at the same time every day and 160 thousand to the people, so that one inside the subway a man shot and wounded the ornamental and the combined plain properties of four people have been forced to beg people as a "good" hero of New York.

results, by 90s, without any warning, the crime rate in New York suddenly dropped sharply, murder fell below 1/3, felony reduced by half. And soon New York became the safest big city in the country. That’s interesting. What happened during that time,


I remember seeing a TV in a hotel, and when Giuliani, the outgoing mayor, recalled the broken window effect again. He firmly believes that the solution to the big problem must begin with the smallest and most detail. Only when one broken window has been repaired will it be possible to improve the environment greatly.