Electricity supplier topic discussion why make money in Taobao

"now is the winter of the electricity supplier", but we see Taobao, especially to see the traditional brand enterprises in Tmall quite happy. Ms. Wu of the green box said she did well on Taobao, but B2C was miserable and felt that B2C was not what he could do. So Taobao and non Taobao have drawn a very clear line. How did that limit come into being,


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August 14th, the history of the highest level in the business forum held in Hangzhou Rose Garden Inn, the world network operators invited to more than 30 countries including the president of Tmall happy son Ali group, chief of staff Ceng Ming, Ali group secretary Shao Xiaofeng, Lok CEO Bi Sheng, in the electric business heavyweights, to explore the "business to make money and the topic. This article for participants on the "make money in Taobao" topic discussion wonderful record.


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("the world network manager Xu Wei, executive editor of" I world network editor): "why make money in Taobao?" the origin of the problem in micro-blog two @ and @ tiger Bi Sheng Wang Shuai, Bi Sheng said B2C do not make money, the king said to make money in Taobao. These two views are very controversial, but the more controversial, the more you can find the essence of this industry and problems.

Bi Sheng has counted an e-commerce cost account for us. All kinds of costs add up to 51%, that is to say, 51% of the gross profit can be balanced. I’m interested in the big Taobao sellers like wheat bags and green boxes. Why do you make money? Are your margins so high or are you less expensive?

Ye Haifeng (wheat bag CEO): consumers are there – Taobao’s natural advantage,

, in fact, the gross margin of 51% calculated by Bi Sheng, the private brand can be achieved. To do e-commerce, do traditional retail, nothing more than to solve two problems: the first is to solve what consumers buy, and second is to solve the problem where consumers buy.

in Taobao, when it comes to money no doubt, whether external or Taobao can make money, but Taobao, natural "where to buy" to help you solve this thing, as long as you do what customers buy on this platform, to do this thing through it, more pragmatic.

Wu Fangfang (green box CEO): I’m not a B2C material,

for B2C, I think B2C is not necessarily profitable or not to make money, not that big scale can earn money, because I have seen relatively small B2C relatively good earnings, but if you give them some money so that they may not be able to expand the scale, continue to profit.

was really B2C last year when you were working on the web site