Grassroots webmaster experience intentions do stand everything is possible

from the contact network date, has been five years, in the webmaster in the industry, is also the ride the wind and waves came, some time ago the stationmaster of winter is not cold, very happy, I am still a webmaster, a grassroots webmaster


like millions of grassroots webmaster, up early every day, the shadow only the site of mind, every day is concerned about Baidu, traffic, revenue, PR, perhaps, our webmaster into many misunderstandings, here I will summarize the experience: do stand do, everything is possible share with friends, deficiencies, please criticism. Masters can skip.

many webmaster in the "heart" do stop, however, did not put the heart in the station, but about the flow, care included, I said carefully done station, refers to care about the quality of the site, concerned about whether the site can bring what they need for Internet users. To tell the truth, the heart of two words, it is hard for me to understand, maybe a lot of people know how to do it, but can’t do it.

remember a mistake I used to make every day, look at how much included, see flow statistics, every day in front of the computer for several hours, and to update the site real time is less than one hour, I had a website (, this is how I got several years. To the directory until hundreds of traffic, then I gradually understand, do stand, so stick to one thing, that is the Internet every day to update the site first, then do other things. Of course, I also hope that our grassroots webmaster can insist on maintaining their own web site.

writing is not good, literary talent is limited, inadequacies, I hope you all correct me.